Month: July 2013

10 Things You Must Know About Bitcoin

[heading]10 Things You Must Know About Bitcoin[/heading]

If you’re new to Bitcoin, chances are you are very interested in the concept, but there are some key things you just don’t get. Don’t worry, I’m still scratching my head. Nonetheless, consider this a basic primer. Soon, GoldSilverBitcoin will release Bitcoinomics, a 100 page book on Bitcoin. Read More

As The Royal Family Celebrates With Silver, You Should Too

[heading]As The Royal Family Celebrates With Silver, You Should Too[/heading]

Generally, culture is created by culture creators, who generally are the rich and famous people.  Fans, for example, watch their favorite actors, actresses and musicians and copy their style. Read More

How The NSA Scandal Is Good For The Bitcoin Economy

[heading]How The NSA Scandal Is Good For The Bitcoin Economy[/heading]

The NSA is bullish for Bitcoin.

With each passing revelation, a new and far-reaching picture of NSA surveillance is drawn with even more involvement by telephone and internet companies than originally thought, and the pressing economic problems that come with the pervasive surveillance are growing clearer. Read More

The Coming Bitcoin Welfare System

[heading]The Coming Bitcoin Welfare System[/heading]

Bitcoin creates a unique opportunity for a revolutionary new way of welfare: p2p.

Bitcoin is considered by too many a tool of anarchist, minarchists and libertarians in a pursuit of laissez-faire economic freedom, but this is a misnomer when taken to the extreme. In fact,  as many Bitcoiners know, there are all sorts of different types of users. And, many of these users do not believe, like libertarians and their kindred spirits, that welfare is the root of all statist evil. So, the question this essay attempts to answer is straightforward:  what does welfare in the Bitcoin economy look like? Read More

Many Indian Firms Halt Gold Bullion Sales At Government Request

[heading]Many Indian Firms Halt Gold Bullion Sales At Government Request[/heading]

Did we just get the reason for a renewed down-leg in precious metals?

Showing the clout of government, Indian private firms have agreed to a virtual ban on gold bullion.

Jewelers, banks such as ICICI Bank and Axis Bank, Non Banking Finance Companies and public sector banks throughout India have ceased selling gold coins and bars for six months.

Read More

DefCon 0: Intelligence Agencies To Stalk Hackers In Heated Breakup

[heading]Defcon 0: Intelligence Agencies To Stalk Hackers In Heated Breakup[/heading]

Romantic relationships and business relationships are complex. And, sometimes, a break is the only remedy for tensions. Thus, Defcon has asked the intelligence community to give it some time alone… Read More

Bitcoin & Frontier Markets

[heading] Bitcoin & Frontier Markets[/heading]

In the age of paper money, banks essentially dominated the payment system.  But, as the world moves into a digital payment based model, the supremacy of these banks have been questioned. Read More

What Do Oregon, Utah & New Hampshire Have In Common?

[heading] What Do Oregon, Utah and New Hampshire Have In Common?[/heading]

They all love Bitcoin!

As can be seen at this link here, Bitcoin is most popular (in terms of search queries provided by Google in the US) in the states of Oregon, Utah and New Hampshire. While Bitcointalkers did what they could to determine a reason why these states are on top, the truth of the matter is Bitcoin is diverse, and people from all walks of life are interested in the technology. Read More

How To Make A Bank’s Funds Vanish

[heading] How To Make A Bank’s Funds Vanish[/heading]

In 1953, on the eve of his death, Josef Stalin said that if the Soviet Union had Hollywood, the whole world would be communist.

And, today, because Hollywood corporations are beholden to banks, the world won’t know about Bitcoin.

As The Four Horsemen unleash their final magic trick at a performance in Vegas, a bank in France is robbed. The explanation for how this could be done? Well, fiction.

And, as many know, truth is often stranger than fiction. Read More

Gotcha! The Ghost Of Frank Abagnale’s “Catch Me If You Can” Lifestyle

[heading]Gotcha! The Ghost of Frank Abagnale’s “Catch Me If You Can” Lifestyle[/heading]

With persistent private and public surveillance on the public, the “private sphere” has been effectively deleted from way of life in the US and abroad. No longer will there be a debate about the dichotomy of private/public, for a decision has been reached: everything, everywhere is public.

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Bitcoin: What Innovation Looks Like

[heading]What Innovation Looks Like[/heading]

With commercial banks now hiring analysts to determine what exactly the market of Bitcoin means, there is growing understanding that the future of finance is here. Read More

Bitcoin & The Future of Employment

[heading]Bitcoin & The Future Of Employment[/heading]

The Internet has transformed prospects for employment. Whereas in the past starting a company was a monumental task carried out only by those with capital, today things are much difference. Read More

Bitcoin & Silver In Tweets & Trends

[heading]Bitcoin & Silver In Tweets & Trends[/heading]

The month of June saw a steady increase in Twitter mentions of “bitcoin” with a steep drop off on July 1. The increase, however, as can be seen below, was indeed formidable. According to Google Trends, interest in terms of Google searches remained level, despite ending near the top-end of its one month chart. Read More

S&P Downgrades Barclays, Deutsche & Credit Suisse On Eurozone Uncertainty

[heading]S&P Downgrades Barclays, Deutsche & Credit Suisse On Eurozone Uncertainty [/heading]

S&P is not so sure about European investment banking.

Barclays Plc, Deutsche Bank AG, and Credt Suiise Group all had their credit ratings lowered by Standard & Poor’s due to new rules and “uncertain market conditions.

S&P also said the risks included unstable global markets, the “uncertain implications of the unwinding of quantitative easing measures” and the eurozone crisis. Read More

Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust Brings Bitcoin To Mainstream Investors

The Winkelvoss Bitcoin Trust, to be headed by Cameron and Tyler Winkleveoss, would sell around $20 million worth of shares, each representing a fraction of a single Bitcoin, if the plan came to fruition. First, it must be approved by the US government. Read More