Month: August 2013

Bitcoinomics, Chapter 12: Bitcoin Mining

[heading]Bitcoinomics, Chapter 12: Bitcoin Mining[/heading]

“I am pretty confident we are the new wealthy elite, gentlemen.” – Atlas Read More

Bitcoinomics, Chap. 11: The Future Of Money & Property Or The Gospel Of Layers

[heading]Bitcoinomics Chapter 11. The Future of Money & Property or the Gospel Of Layers[/heading] Read More

Germany Recognizes Bitcoin As “Private Money”

[heading]Germany Recognizes Bitcoin As “Private Money”[/heading]

Is Bitcoin legitimate? Is Bitcoin illegitimate? This is something for individuals to decide, not countries. But, what does it mean that country’s are adapting to decentralized currencies, and what effectiveness will they show in the long term? Only time will tell.

Bitcoin’s legitimacy continues to be asserted as yet another government has gone so far as to give the decentralized virtual currency “private money” status.

Germany has recognized Bitcoin for legal and tax purposes, meaning it is the first country to take an official stance on the status of using the online currency as money. Read More

Bitcoinomics, Chap. 10: Bitcoin Uses

[heading]Bitcoinomics, Chap. 10: Bitcoin Uses[/heading]

“Right now Bitcoin feels like the Internet before the browser.” – Wences Casares, Technology Entrepreneur

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Bitcoin To Replace Pennies & Nickels?

[heading]Bitcoin To Replace Pennies & Nickels?[/heading]

In this month’s edition of Futurist magazine, an article asked experts what they did not expect to be around in thirty years. One individual in particular, Virginia Holbert, responded:

 “pennies and other coins are becoming less useful, as parking meters, tolls, and public transits use smartcards and RFID technologies to streamline payment. Presumably by 2030 we will also see widespread acceptance of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.”

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Bitcoinomics, Chap. 9: Responsibility & Bitcoin

[heading]Bitcoinomics: Responsibility and Bitcoin[/heading]

“There are 3 eras of currency: Commodity based, politically based, and now, math based.” –  Chris Dixon, Technology Investor  Read More

Facebook Entering PayPal’s Payment Processing Turf

[heading]Facebook Entering PayPal’s Payment Processing Turf[/heading]

With Facebook looking at PayPal as possible new competition, the social media behemoth is look beyond the obvious solution in front of their eyes: their use of Bitcoin.

Instead, Facebook will still with the old electronic method of payment – the credit card – despite mounting evidence that a new era of virtual currencies is upon us.

Facebook will be testing a new payment product that would enable online shoppers to make purchases on mobile apps using their Facebook login information, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. Read More

A Silver Lining In Golden Opportunities?

[heading]A Silver Lining In Golden Opportunities?[/heading]


“Bulls don’t read. Bears read financial history. As markets fall to bits, the bears dust off the Dutch tulip mania of 1637, the Banque Royal of 1719-20, the railway speculation of the 1840s, the great crash of 1929.”  – James Buchanan


Saving money reduces stress. It gives us the cushioning we need to make the decisions we want to make.  Many investment advisers will impart that most of their time is spent telling people where not to put their money. Why the emphasis on this? Read More

Bitcoinomics, Chap. 8: Using Bitcoin In Business

[heading]Bitcoinomics, Chap. 8 Using Bitcoin In Business[/heading]

“[Bitcoin is] very attractive to the libertarian viewpoint if we can explain it properly. I’m better with code than with words though.” – Satoshi Nakamoto Read More

Where Broken Dreams Reside: The End Of Gold’s Bull Market & The $70 Trillion Debt

[heading]Where Broken Dreams Reside: The End Of Gold’s Bull Market & The $70 Trillion Debt[/heading]

“The gigantic, decade-long rally I don’t think will be repeated, at least in my lifetime,” said Michael Aronstein, 60, president of Marketfield Asset Management LLC, which manages more than $13 billion in New York. Aronstein predicted the 2008 slump in commodities prices and the 2009 rebound.

Yet, the demand of goldbugs remains stalwart indeed. How can one argue with a metal that has kept the attention of humans since it was fashioned into decorative objects and jewelry on the coast of the Black Sea 6,000 years ago?

In mainstream press epistemes, however, the gold bull market is over. Read More

Bitcoinomics, Chapter 7: Getting Started With Bitcoin

[heading]Bitcoinomics, Chapter 7: Getting Started With Bitcoin[/heading]

“Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative. But I am not familiar with the specific product to assert whether it is the best potential setup. And we need a long time to establish confidence. I only talk from skin-in-the-game. If I had money in bitcoin, I would have reported it. But I don’t yet. I am waiting to understand it better, not with my brain, but with my experience…” – Nassim Taleb Read More

5 Things Silverbugs Could Learn From Bitcoiners


[heading]5 Things Silverbugs Could Learn From Bitcoiners[/heading]

Amongst goldbugs and silverbugs there was at first a deep-seated skepticism of Bitcoin. A virtual currency? Backed by nothing?? Read More

Bitcoinomics, Chapter 6: The Bitcoin Market

[heading]Bitcoinomics, Chapter 6: The Market[/heading]

“I am getting less and less sympathetic to individuals who refuse to upgrade their payment methods.” – Trace Mayer  Read More

Could Gold Still Hit $1,600 By Year’s End?

[heading]Could Gold Still Hit $1,600 By Year’s End[/heading]

More and more people all the time are allocating increasing amounts of their financial portfolios into precious metals, in particular gold.

Many see it as a great time to buy, what with gold down 20% YTD.  This year large institutions have been selling gold and silver, while individuals are holding and retail demand strong. But, as of July, this started to change: demand began outpacing supply. Read More

16 Reasons Why Silver Is Still An Investment Of A Lifetime

[heading]16 Reasons Why Silver Is Still An Investment Of A Lifetime[/heading]

Forget silver. It’s not going anywhere. After all, it hasn’t for two years!

Since silver bullion tested the critical $50 psychological level, a two+ year consolidation period has left sentiment at an all-time low. While the mainstream was once enamored with silver bullion, since April 2011 the mainstream has gone quiet.

But, rest assured, there are still a myriad reasons why silver is a great investment, and here are 20 of them. Read More