Month: September 2013

NSA Targets Bitcoin

[heading]NSA Targets Bitcoin[/heading]
By: Justin

New revelations in NSA-leaked documents show that the US security agency has interest in spying on Bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies.

The revelations from Germany’s Der Spiegel implicate the US NSA in spying on banks and credit card transactions, oftentimes in violation of national laws and global regulations. According to internal NSA documents, the European SWIFT financial transcations has been tapped. Read More

Marijuana Laundered Bitcoin: A Tale Of The Disbanked

No, this isn’t some story about how Bitcoin was used to launder marijuana.

This is a story about something different. A story of US-based small business owners yearning to make something of themselves, yearning to do what their immigrant forbearers did and dream big and then realize those dreams.

For small business owners in Colorado and Washington, as bitcoiners look on with jealousy, these dreams might be an inch closer to coming true. Read More

In A Digital Universe, Does Anything Make More Sense Than Digital Money?

The 0’s and 1’s of Bitcoin make sense within the context of processing power and gadgets, but could it be that there is something more fundamental to the universe itself in these 0’s and 1’s? Could it be that the universe is its very own block chain?

Craig Hogan, a physicist at the University of Chicago and director of the Fermilab Particle Astrophysics Center, believes that the universe is a jittery phenom made of chunks, blocks or bits. There’s a noise, too, Hogan says, which implies the universe is digital. Read More

What Bitcoin Knows Gold Does Not: The Syria Outcome

The last two weeks have seen Bitcoin climb back to $130 after collapsing from $266 to $80 in April. Since then, due to diverse hands entering the market, a sense of stability fell upon the Bitcoin market.

Then, in the wake of Syria war chanting, Bitcoin steadily moved beyond $100 and did not pause for perspective until $130. At time of this writing, Bitcoin stands at $122.

But, why? Read More

IMF Reassess Global Economic Fate

[heading]IMF Reassess Global Economic Fate[/heading]

The IMF has changed their prior view that emerging markets were to rescue the world from global depression.

A confidential note on world economic prospects was seen by the Financial Times. In this note, the IMF imparts that it believes emerging economics are no longer the dynamic engine of global growth. The fund instead wrote,  “momentum is projected to come mainly from advanced economies, where output is expected to accelerate”. Read More

Federal Government Must Decide If Bitcoin Can Be Used For Political Donations

[heading]Federal Government Must Decide If Bitcoin Can Be Used For Political Donations[/heading]

Cyber-anarchists (and the legions of diverse Bitcoin users) could find themselves with a seat at the table of political campaigns for the 2013-2014 election cycle.

To underscore the potential Bitcoin has to disrupt current ways of doing business, the Federal Election Commission is determining rules governing donations made in Bitcoins and how to apply these to political campaigns, according to POLITICO. Read More

NASA In Search Of Internet’s Next Generation

[heading]NASA In Search Of Internet’s Next Generation[/heading]

The question “Is Bitcoin here to stay?” is a common refrain. One that an enthusiast hears often.

It is here to stay, believe many. After all, isn’t a bet for decentralized virtual currencies like Bitcoin merely a bet for the Internet?”

Currently, NASA has developed plans to test a potential new system of human communications, with implications for terrestrial and extra terrestrial data transfer.

NASA plans on launching a new communications technology this Friday which will allow for a record-smashing 600 megabits-per-second downloads. The resulting probe will orbit the moon and send communications back to Earth via lasers. Read More

What Was The Silver Republican Party?

[heading]What Was The Silver Republican Party?[/heading]

In the 1890s, the Silver Republican Party rose out of a split from the Republican Party. The main issue the two disagreed on was “Free Silver” and bimetallism.

During that period, goldbugs and silverfish had been pitted against each other. Some, namely city interests, called for a gold standard to stem inflation. This harmed farmers who held much of their savings in silver until that time. These interests longed for a bimetallic standard. Read More

Silver Quietly Sneaks Back Up, Probably Never To Be This Low In Our Lifetimes Forevermore

[heading]Silver Quietly Sneaks Back Up, Probably Never To Be This Low In Our Lifetimes Forevermore[/heading]

It has been a long, winding road for silver, but it appears the most recent run up from the bottom of around $18 to nows’ nearly $25 has tickled the excitement of silverbugs.

On Facebook, author Tarrin Lupo (Pirates Of Savannah) even boldly proclaimed that “The price of Silver is quietly sneaking back up, probably it’s the last time it will be this low in our lifetime.” Read More