Month: May 2014

If 10% Of Humanity Become Bitcoiners, Central Banking Goes Extinct

[heading]If 10% Of Humanity Become Bitcoiners, Central Banking Goes Extinct[/heading]

Scientists have found in recent years that when a mere 10 percent of the population holds dear a certain belief, this belief will be adopted by the lion’s share. In 2011, for instance, scientists at¬†Rensselaer used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion.

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Bank Lawsuits For Gold Manipulation Move Forward

All markets are rigged. But this is the story of one market in particular – the gold market. For a long time the price of gold has been fixed in London, and increasingly people are starting to question this process.

In its article¬†“Banks Sued On Claims Of Fixing Price Of Gold” The New York Times highlighted the gold price suppression case. Traders and activists have been crying foul for years regarding the price of gold, arguing that it is rigged like energy prices have been by companies such as Enron and JP Morgan, and LIBOR. At the beginning of this week, on Monday, these arguments got a new audience: a federal court. Read More