Month: September 2014

Does The Dictionary Foretell Our Monetary Future?

Google is known as a massive technology company. Best known for its Search, Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, Google Books, Google News, YouTube, Google Voice, Google Maps and other products and services, something Google is not known for is financial advice, but that might be changing.

Check out this definition:

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Everyone’s Buying Dollars

Gold and silver’s lower prices are not a sign the bull market is over. Instead, it is a sign that the US dollar is experiencing relative strength because other things are falling. For instance, the New Zealand central bank just finished off its biggest sale of the Kiwi in 7-years, but that is nothing compared to some other events, like protests for Democracy in Hong Kong, which is causing a selloff in the Hong Kong dollar and renminbi for US dollars. With more bullish news for the US dollar hitting the wires, it is uncertain when gold and silver will stop their slide.

Myriad speculators agree: silver is oversold. Traders and analysts point to a completely out of whack gold-and-silver ratio to explain this fact.

Overnight September 28 the gold-silver ratio was approximately 69.72. That means, for every ounce of gold, you could purchase 69.72 ounces of silver. At the end of August the ratio was 66. The ratio is above its 10-year average of 57.

This is a change from the usual.

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What Taco Bell Doesn’t Want You To Know About Silver Dollars

In the following commercial, the low-end Mexican-American fast food chain Taco Bell shows a grandfather passing on a Morgan Silver Dollar, which had been in the family for generations, to his grandson. He is explaining the long story of the coin’s history, and just as he is about to give the Silver Dollar to the kid, he notices that Taco Bell has an awesome deal: a $1 menu! He tells the kid “nevermind,” and heads over to Taco Bell. Unfortunately, things don’t look good for that old man. Read More

Bitcoin, Gold & Silver Liquidated For Alibaba?

Alibaba Group had a huge debut with its shares beginning to trade at $92.70, up over 36% from its IPO price of $68.  That increase on the New York Stock Exchange raised the company’s total market value from $168 billion to over $220 billion. Alibaba had raised $21.8 billion in its hotly anticipated IPO, the largest in US history, dwarfing Facebook Inc’s IPO.

The price of bitcoin has fallen from its $513 price of one month ago to as low as $381.17 on Friday. This week alone the crypto-asset fell from $513 to $381. Read More

10 Ron Paul Quotes On Gold, Silver & The Market

Ron Paul certainly made an impact on US history.

And so we decided at GoldSilverBitcoin to create a list of some poignant Ron Paul quotes on some important targets. So, without further ado, here they are: Read More

Is The US Mint Betting Pete Rose Will Enter The Hall of Fame?

In recent years Pete Rose’s Hall of Fame potential has been discussed with increased fervor, especially as players who took performance-enhancing drugs become eligible for Cooperstown. Read More

Gold Miners Cutting Costs, Hedge Funds Bullish

Gold miners have been forced to cut costs as gold and precious metals trend downwards amid quantitative easing programs emanating from the Federal Reserve. Read More

These Nations Best Buy More Gold

The WSJ Dollar Index, a gauge of the dollar’s exchange rate against seven of the world’s most heavily traded currencies, is up 3.4% in the past two months, after barely budging in the first half of the year. That trend has only continued. Read More