Month: January 2015

Silver-Investor David Morgan: Industrial Demand, Looper (Film), Dividends & Oil

How long have you been investing in silver?

Since my early 20’s, once I had a job and some sort of cash flow that was the real beginning.  I did buy a few silver coins as a kid but nothing of significance.

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Gold Volatile On Draghi’s QE & Far-Left Syriza Election

With gold dropping Monday due to news in Greece of the far-left Syriza party winning Sunday’s general election, which resulted in the euro falling to 11-year lows in the wake of Mario Draghi’s fateful decision to implement quantitative easing, the fate of Europe has become ever more uncertain. With a lot unfolding in Europe, the spot gold price at $1,282/20/1,283.00 fell south to $11.20 on Friday’s close, trading within an intraday range of $19. By Tuesday it had climbed $13, spelling out the high volatility of the time. Read More

Check Out The 24 Karat Gold XBox One And PS4 Controllers

They  cost $300, but these gold-plated XBox and PS4 controllers have sold out.

You might not be playing with them anytime soon, but these pictures are for you to look at.

The controllers come after the gold-plated Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, also released by ColorWare (via Kotaku), the team behind these 24 Karat gold Xbox One and PS4 controllers.Only 25 of each controller were made.

“The extraordinary new controllers undergo a complex process to achieve a rich, glossy finish. These products look amazing and have outstanding ergonomics,ColorWare writes about them.


GoldSilver.Com Is Now Accepting Bitcoin

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 3.52.08 PM

As is made clear in the above announcement, GoldSilver, owned by well-known sound money proponent Mike Maloney, has begun accepting Bitcoin for gold and silver. While not the first bitcoin-to-bullion vendor, GoldSilver’s Maloney has made it clear he supports Bitcoin. He was brought to the coin very much the same way many other precious metals investors were – via Trace Mayer.

It’s not only Mike Maloney accepting Bitcoin now, but also Peter Schiff, who also recently began accepting Bitcoin for gold and silver.

Mike Maloney is perhaps best known for his popular YouTube series, The Hidden Secrets Of Money. For that series, click here.


TDV’s Jeff Berwick: “A lot of people see a major future for bitcoin.”

When did you first hear of Bitcoin and what did you think about it?

JB: I first heard about it in early 2011 from a Dollar Vigilante subscriber, Jeremy Bernal.  I posted an interview with him here in May 2011.  I met Jeremy at Doug Casey’s La Estancia de Cafayate in Argentina over a glass of torontes near a fireplace and was very interested as I had never heard of it before.  I began to follow it near $3 and after interviewing him I then went on to talk more with another person I met in Cafayate, Trace Mayer in 2012. Read More

Marc Faber In The News: Gold & Shorting Central Banks

It’s getting to be Marc Faber time again. Faber shines when economic uncertainty is at a high, as well as when gold is moving up. Both of these things are true today, and Faber has been getting quite a bit of press attention.

“I’m positive [that] gold GCG5, -0.47%  will go up substantially [in 2015] — say 30%,” said Faber, Mr Gloom Boom Doom Report, at Société Générale’s global strategy presentation in London on Tuesday. Read More

President Obama State Of The Union States Economic Goals

According to CNBC:

In his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, President Barack Obama plans to put forth a plan to try to slow the widening gap between the richest and poorest Americans.

Gold Price Stabilizes As European Central Bank Announces Quantitative Easing

Gold and silverbugs are starting to think things are changing in the precious metals market, even if most commodities are still a bit off. That demand has increased is typical for December, but prices are higher than they’ve been in quite awhile. Five months in fact. Read More

A Discussion On Bitcoin With Roger Ver

Roger Ver is among the best known bitcoiners, with investments in core bitcoin startups such as, BitPay, Ripple, Blockchain and others. Roger has tirelessly championed the financial and technological uses for Bitcoin and their applications to modern life. Part entrepreneur, part philosopher Roger can be seen globetrotting to various Bitcoin conferences and gatherings. He has served as full time CEO of Having discovered Bitcoin in early 2011, Roger became convinced it was “the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet.” Read More

The Daily Coin Talks Gold, Russia, Bitcoin & Art

As a daily contributor at for the past three years Rory has written dozens of original articles and interviewed some of the top precious metals professionals in the industry, as well as top preparedness specialists in the world. YouTube Channel, The Daily Coin, was launched in February 2014 and website was launched April 25, 2014. As a student of monetary, financial and economic history for the past seven years Rory has learned to watch the markets with an open mind and with a hand on his wallet.

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A Bitcoin Creator Has Died And He Hopes To See You In The Future

Everybody wants to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but why? After all, 70%, if not more, of all bitcoin code has been re-written since his first version of Bitcoin came online. Moreover, many of the people who helped Satoshi re-write the code have been open about their contribution. And in the spirit of open-source, all these individuals are “the creator of bitcoin.” Read More