Month: May 2015

Rand Paul To Run Most Innovative Digital Campaign Of Any Candidate, And Welcomes Ideas


You see in the following post OkayBitcoin making the point that bitcoiners could inject their views and opinions into the presidential debate by telling Rand Paul what he needs to know about Bitcoin:

Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul has pledged to implement the most innovative digital and tech effort of any of the 2016 presidential candidates, and he is welcoming ideas, making the Rand Paul 2016 presidential campaign a significant forum for the Bitcoin community to inject their ideas into the election.
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USAA Hopes Bitcoin Blockchain Technology Can Help


The following post came from OkayBitcoin, who writes today about USAA is looking to making their operations more sophisticated with the power of the block chain. When people usually think about Bitcoin, they think about money. The block chain, which powers Bitcoin, is where the power lies.

The San Antonio, Texas-based financial institution USAA, which focuses on serving current and former members of the military, is investigating the “underlying technology” behind the digital currency Bitcoin in order to make its operations more efficient, according to a company executive. Read More

Anthony Culligan: “The Most Interesting Aspect Of Bitcoin Is P2P”

Launched in 2015, the peer-to-peer bitcoin trading site Roolo features multisig wallet technology, with instant transfers and fees of 0.5% on one side of the trade only.

Roolo’s transactions are “on the block chain”. Thus, bitcoins are never mixed and always transparent upon the block chain.

Roolo is operated by Anthony Culligan and Nicholas Pennington, both of whom have considerable experience prior to starting Roolo. Crypto Coins News recently discussed Roolo and Bitcoin with Anthony Culligan, Roolo CEO, who has worked for JP Morgan and other major financial firms. Read More