Month: July 2016

Samsung Goes Bitcoin

Samsung, the largest South Korean corporation and headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, develops Bitcoin type technologies.

With International Business Machines Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. has big blockchains plans.

As Bloomberg writes:

While bitcoin’s price has almost halved in the past year and the prospects for the digital currency are uncertain, its underlying software is attracting companies like phone makers, carriers and banks. That’s because the technology can be tweaked to record changes in ownership of any asset in a public ledger using a distributed network of computers or mobile phones. It could help facilitate all types of online transactions.

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The Easy World of Bitcoin Transfers With Bitspark

Founded in April 2014 in Hong Kong, Bitspark strives to create an easy-to-use service to make Bitcoin transfers easier. 

Bitspark focuses on a few key areas,” Bitspark founder George Harrap told me. “Firstly, we will be building upon the exchange to enable a number of new features, UI updates, security enhancements and additional currencies. Part of what we have always been going for with the exchange is providing a trustworthy, transparent and full-featured trading experience without parallel- our Multisig reserves secured by Bitgo is a key ingredient in that.” Read More