Month: November 2016

Victoria’s Secret Angels Prep for Fashion Show with 24k Luxury Face Masks

In Paris, where the Victoria’s Secret angels are currently preparing to show off the lingerie lines newest models, some of the women are getting ready with 24k.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a big night in an Angels career. And so they’re preparing for it in a worthy fashion. A luxury face mask made of 24k is no doubt a statement.

900 (1)

The Angels posted their faces on Instagram recently. Mimi Luzon prepared the masks. A three pack of 24k luxe facemasks runs the Average Jane (or Joe) $300.

The mask contains not only 24k, but also a blend of cell-renewing ingredients.



Mimi’s website states, the masks “have been proven to improve skin’s elasticity, texture and tone and peptides such as Hexpeptide8 – a unique peptide that helps to reduce wrinkle depth as well as relaxing facial tension.”

900 (2)

As for the gold: “The golden leaf is laid on top of the corrective mask and optimises its overall effect. It provides the skin with immediate wellbeing, treats redness and fine lines and gives the skin a more even tone and a healthy glow.”

India, Venezuela & Zimbabwe All Have Tragic Cash Problems

The word “cash” means different things in some parts of the world than in the US, Europe Australia and many other of the more stable economies worldwide. The Venezuela crisis has been ongoing, but trials and tribulations in India have meant a population short on cash. Meanwhile, things are “bizarre” in Zimbabwe where dollars go for dollars..with a premium. Read More

Don’t Miss this $40,000 24k Gold Bar get Totally Crushed

YouTube channel Crushit recently crushed a gold bar worth nearly $40,000 provided gold company Baird & Co.  Check out the cascading of gold that doing so produced. 

Many individuals claim that gold is a good investment. They usually cite economic uncertainty as a reason for owning gold, which is seen by mainstream investing knowledge as a ‘safehaven’ to protect one’s wealth in times of economic crisis.

But, the YouTube channel Crushit doesn’t really care about savings. They care about views. The video got nearly ten million views in just a few days. 

The 1 kilo or 32 troy ounce gold bar puts on a show demonstrating golds malleability along the way. 

“This will be by far the most expensive crush we’ve done yet here on Crushit,” the host says.

Gold bar came sealed in plastic with corresponding serial number. The bar isn’t huge. More like  aperp weight. “Wow it is really heavy for its size of course its one of the most densest and expensive if you drill a hole through it,” he says. “…The things I could buy with this.” The gold acts similar to liquid as its smashed. 

The hydraulic press indeed has its way with the gold.

“Wow,” the host says, “just look at that it looks like a gold nugget so cool…

The gold wasn’t destroyed, to be sure. Intead, it could easily be sold for face value or melted again into new bullion product. Sure, something was spent on the totally cool experiment, but not $40,000. Whatever it was, it was totally worth it (for Crushit and the viewers, at least).


Bitcoin Mining isn’t totally unheard of on Global US Armed Forces Bases

A 30 year old in the US Air Force, stationed in Korea, mines bitcoins in his dorm room.  He mined in the US from his own apartment before being deployed. Read More

Royal Mint Experimenting with Blockchain-based Gold Trades

The Royal Mint partnered with markets operator CME Group to build a gold market with blockchain technology as a means of broadening London’s hip-factor when buying and selling gold bullion.

The Roya Mint, owned by taxpayers, plans to accept trades from the middle of next year on the Royal Mint Gold platform, intended to log each transaction using blockchain. Read More

Golden Bud Light Can Means Chance to Win Super Bowl Tickets for Life

Bud Light announced its Super Bowl contest last week, which involves a bit of gold – to be exact gold cans of beer. If you receive a golden beer can in one of your 18,24, or 30 packs of Bud Light – the ones marked “Strike Gold” –  you win a lifetime supply of Super Bowl tickets. Read More

Rap Star Birdman Shows off Solid Gold 24k Toilet

Birdman, Number 1 Stunner, took to Instagram to show off his new home which includes a golden toilet in his gold-themed bathroom.

“Straight gold nigga,” the Cash Money CEO says.

In 2014, Birdman took to a video series called Flashy Lifestyle where he showed off some items like solid gold Versace lighters, 24 karat gold Iphones, and various others luxury items.

Islamic Financial Institutions get Standard for Gold Products

Islamic Institutions, which follow guidelines issued by a Bahrain based group, now have a new sharia standard for gold-based products so as to incorporate bullion into Islamic finance.

Gold has long been seen as currency in Islamic finance. Investors, however, have yet to speculate on its future value since no clear policy on how to trade gold. Read More

£100 million in Hitler’s Gold found in Nazi Shipwreck

Adolf Hitler’s lost gold has been found, according to a British diver in the  Baltic sea. The ocean explorer’s claims he found gold the Nazi’s stole as they ransacked Europe during World War II horrors.

The discovery is reported to approximate £100 million, has been sought by treasure seekers time-and-time again never to be found…until now. Read More

The Physical Bitcoin Market Not Available to US Citizens

BTCC is one of the most influential Bitcoin mints in the world. Based in China, the Bitcoin miner recently introduced a line of physical bitcoins, a product very popular early in Bitcoin’s existence but stymied by regulatory uncertainty. Read More

Blockchain Website Steemit Plans Hard Fork to Attract Short and Mid Term Speculators

Steemit, which gained popularity in the Bitcoin community after it introduced the first blockchain-based website, announced a December 6 hard fork this morning. The fork, which had been discussed in Steemit forums in recent months, is designed to change the platform’s economic model and to benefit the social platform’s community. This will be done, according to Steemit CEO Ned Scott, by onboarding more short to medium term investors.

Before the change is made, “witnesses”, who help to govern the experimental blockchain system, will have to agree to the change through a voting process. The main change will be to the Steem currency’s inflation rate. Read More

Is Colloidal Silver Healthy for Pets?

Colloidal silver has long been considered a vital treatment to heal infections, cuts, bites, burns and other maladies. Indeed, many people even use colloidal silver for their pets. 

Ionic colloidal silver could be in every household, helping not only its human inhabitants, but its animal ones as well. Colloidal silver has been considered a way to increase immunity and prevent illnesses, infection and diseases.

Silver is considered a great natural health supplement, as well as a cleaning/disinfecting agent to protect against microbes. Read More

Brussels tries to take more control over non-EU banks

In new rules for global banks who do financial business in Europe, Brussels tries to undermine future financial crises within the bloc and even gain more control over foreign financial firms.

Read More

Bank of England Threw Nearly £100,000 Party after Brexit

The Bank of England spent nearly 100,000 on a Governors’ Day Jolly on July 10, but two weeks in the wake of the historic Brexit vote. The lavish party took place at the sports grounds in Roehampton, south west London.

The £99,035 party, paid for by taxpayers ,comes at a time when savers have little to expect from their accounts and Carney is accused of exaggerating the danger of Brexit to increase Remain votes during the referendum campaign. The Party went down mere weeks after the stressful Brexit vote.The British exit from the European Union commanded global headlines and had a big affect on global markets. It seems governor Mark Carney, along with 2,500 Bank staff, policy makers and guests had a party. Read More

Australia Gold Miners Are Digging Deep on Weak Australian Dollar

A weak Australian Dollar has led gold miners there to dig deep, according to quarterly production figures.

In the third quarter, the second largest gold miner after China, Australian output increased 3 percent or 2 tonnes (64,301 troy ounces) to 75 tonnes over the same period from the year prior. This despite heavy rainfall which flooded some pits and derailed operations, according to Melbourne-based Surbiton Associates. Read More