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2017 Might be Your First Chance to Tip the Moon thanks to Dogecoin

“To the moon!” That’s the cliche slogan for so many digital currencies, perhaps made most famous not by Bitcoin, but by , whose users since the beginning have proudly proclaimed the slogan.

One cryptocurrency enthusiast, Joseph Frusetta, wants to make that dream a reality. He provided the latest update on the project four months ago via Reddit:

I sent a custom, gold-plated Dogecoin to Astrobotic this past week. They will be sending it to the moon in 2017! Here are some photos of the awesome package Astrobotic sent to me and of the custom minted coin representing our cryptocurrency. Such wow.

There was tiny bit of extra space in the capsule, so I also sent a physical wallet address for both Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Just in case anyone ever wants to ‘tip the moon’. I’d like to use these funds to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. Here are the two addresses in the pictures.


Dogecoin: DHpbDdHuqrYtWucnCqKvdBziySBS2M6mcH


Bitcoin: 1P6uvyYjm86A8xiRYjnB9K5C4cYuzSVYjS


I’ll be sending out the top 20 donor’s coin replicas soon. I’ve also teamed up with Dogecoin’s co-founder, Jackson Palmer, to send an additional gift to our top donors. If I haven’t gotten your physical address yet, please reach out to me via PM.

It was almost exactly a year ago that we successfully funded this project. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ll soon reach one of our biggest goals ever thanks to your support!

Dogecoin’s mission to the moon remains on schedule. The project has been in the works since 2015, and is set to culminate when a physical representation of a Dogecoin reaches the moon next year.

Exactly when, to be sure, is not exactly known.

“I’ve been trying to get a more exact date out of the company I’ve teamed up with to send the coin to the moon, Astrobotic,” says project leader Mr. Frusetta. “They tell me it’s not as easy as it sounds – apparently it’s ‘rocket science’.”

In early 2015, Joseph was looking for a new project to take on. “I wanted to do something fun that aligned with my passions – cryptocurrency and space.

He started to wonder, “What if I could make Dogecoin’s motto ‘To The Moon!’ come true?” So he researched it. 

“I found Astrobotic, which offers a service where they would send any object you could dream of, to the moon,” Mr.Frusetta says. “They’ve won multiple Google X Prizes and after speaking with them, they seemed like a great choice.” There was one problem.

“The only issue left was raising the money in order to make this happen,” he reveals. “Fortunately, the Dogecoin community is very passionate about funding quirky ideas. Whether it’s funding the Jamaican Bobsledding Team or sending a coin to the moon, I found that rallying the community was the right way to go.”

Mr. Frusetta didn’t feel 100% comfortable taking people’s money for nothing more than a promise of going to the moon, so he created

“This website is one of the many clones of the famous Million Dollar Homepage, but unlike the other clones this one succeeded,” he  explains. “I plan to leave the site up indefinitely so that the community’s donations not only give them the satisfaction of helping to get a dogecoin to the moon, but they get a bit of advertising space as well.”

In addition, Joseph also sent the top 10 donors a limited-edition replica of the 24k gold-plated coin being sent to the moon, along with a certificate of authenticity signed by himself and Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer.

The coins were custom minted for the occasion and were designed with the help of the community.

“I decided to plate them in gold because unlike other metals, gold will not deteriorate in space,” he says.  “The coins will be in a sealed container on the moon, but I wanted to have a backup plan just in case. Rather than mass-producing these coins and selling them for a profit. I wanted them to be a special gift to everyone who believed in the effort at such an early stage. Crowdfunding ain’t easy, even if your target audience is as excitable as a Shiba Inu.”

Lastly, Mr. Frusetta included a wallet address in the package being sent to the moon. Why?

“I thought it would be neat if people could ‘tip’ the moon as a joke,” Mr. Frusetta says. The idea to “tip the moon” was posted on the Dogecoin forum by a redditor. It’s a joke. “When it comes down to it, that’s essentially how the Dogecoin currency itself began. It started as a joke, but soon people began to take it very seriously. My hopes are that the funds used to ‘tip the moon’ could eventually be used for some good.” No idea what that cause might be, but I’m open to the community’s ideas.”

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