A Bitcoiner Did LSD On A Plane & Had An Awakening

A Bitcoiner Did LSD On A Plane & Had An Awakening

The Redditor, who recounted his story in the Bitcoin Reddit r/BitcoinMarkets, dedicated to price analysis of the crypto-currency, was due to fly home across the Pacific when he decided to really go on a trip. Not wanting to smuggle drugs through the airport, nor wanting to through away the strog LSD tabs he had procured while on vacation, he ate them before going through security, “figuring it would kick in pretty nicely in time for the flight. It did.”

The Bitcoiner further explained the story: “At first I was just lying with my face down seeing pretty things inside my eyelids. Women, music, wonderful colors. It was a blast.

The Redditor then felt something on top of him. He opened his eyes. There was indeed a lady on top of him. “Apparently I had sort of dozed off and not noticed that the lady on the right of me had to pee so she had to climb over me and sort of got stuck over me.” Things got worse from there.

“I realized a commercial airliner is an extremely irresponsible place to do recreational drugs – what if there’s a turmoil in the plane? As a healthy male, you need to be able to support women and children on the plane. But there I was sitting, just tripping cause I couldn’t be arsed to sit through a boring 12h flight.”

The Bitcoiner then had what he terms a “sonder.” That is, “a moment of clarity where I realized that I wasn’t the center of the universe, that everyone is just as important as me, everyone has loved ones, stories of lost love, etc. They’re the main character in their own movies.”

This revelation sank in. “Shit went quantum,” as he writes.

“All the stores begun sinking in to me. It was as if I was beginning to experience their stories simultaneously. And not just their stories, I began seeing the story of everyone I had ever met in my entire life flash before my eyes.”

The Bitcoiner on a plane learned lessons about karma. A voice in his head told him the plan would crash and that he would be reborn again.

“And it was as if thousands of versions of me was experiencing this moment,” he wrote on the popular social media, ultimately making it to the front page. “It is hard to explain, but in every situation where something could happen, both things happened and I experienced both timelines simultaneously. As I opened my eyes, I noticed how smoke was coming out of the top cabins in the plane. Luggage was falling out. I experienced the airplane crashing a thousand times.

He added: “And I died and accepted death a thousand times.”

Things grew grotesque from there. After relieving himself in the airplane toilet – “I finally got the shit out and flushed it down the those airplane toilets that just suck the shit out into nothingness” – he watched Ice Age 3 for the rest of the trip.

“At times, I feel like in reality, I died on that plane. I am merely just experiencing a timeline in which that didn’t happen – an anamoly, that shouldn’t have happened. The timeline which death and Karma forgot.”

He concludes: “A great, powerful experience, but I feel really reckless and irresponsible for attempting this on a commercial airliner around other people.”

Source: Reddit

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