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Abdelnour: “Bitcoin Is About Freedom.”

Ziad Abdelnour has rarely sold bitcoins. “Even in the worst times,” he told GoldSilverBitcoin. “I don’t allocate all of my portfolio to Bitcoin, but a significant amount, and I’ve rarely sold it. Same with the stock market. That is why I did very well. Bitcoin is not for the faint of heart. Stocks are not for the faint of heart. It’s for people who believe in it. I believe in it because it’s a whole decentralization process.” 

He adds: “Bitcoin is about freedom. It is about taking control of your life. It means much more than a speculative instrument to make money.” 

He admits Bitcoin has historically often played a speculative role, and in fact still does to a certain extent. “But, with time, it will become less speculative and more traditional.” 

Abdelnour estimates the average holding of Bitcoin in one’s portfolio is 2-5%. “But it is increasing and more people are adopting it. Despite all the negative stuff they write about Bitcoin, about regulation, about it being a scam—it’s not a scam. It’s here to stay. My experience has been tremendous. Tremendous. I never lost money on Bitcoin—maybe on paper, but not upon realization.”