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Alex Jones Gives The INSIDE Scoop On Joe Rogan Spotify Deal

Joe Rogan spilled his guts to Alex Jones, according to the latter. The two have been friends for 22 years. “We’ve drank two bottles of liquor and stayed up for a day and a half, and Rogan has never spilled his guts like this to me,” said Jones, who hosts InfoWars.

According to Jones, Rogan was compelled to take a $100 million dollar Spotify deal in light of censorship by YouTube of medical doctors, hospital owners, Cedar Sinai, clinic owners, and more.

“He saw the media put out the lies and all the fake models and he saw people he knew demonetized, banned, and blocked for having those doctors on,” said Jones. That was the straw that broke the camels back, according to Jones.

“He wasn’t ready to do the deal,” said Jones about Rogan’s initial feelings. “He wasn’t sure about it and he was on the razor’s edge. This is bigger than Joe Rogan, the number one podcast in the world, it’s all about free expression and dominoes falling.”

Jones said Rogan leaving YouTube sends chills not up his back, but, instead, in his third eye.  “I’m having chills right here, right now,” he said, pointing to the middle of his forehead. “This is a tremor in the force, this is a big enchilada.”

Rogan apparently asked Jones to go on the air and tell all after the two had a 45 minute conversation. “This is a story about all of us,” said Jones. “Joe is defecting to the infowar.”

In their conversation, Jones said that Rogan was advising him how to express some of his ideas in a clearer manner so that more people who could understand what Jones had been saying all along.  “He was really trying to help,” said Jones. “He thought he could meet with these execs and billionaires, and he worked hard to get infowars re-platformed, and instead they started messing with him, and that doesn’t work well with Joe.”

Jones admitted that the pair don’t drink as much as they used to, and Joe doesn’t smoke as much as he used to, calling Rogan’s move to Spotify a big deal. “It’s about the globalists dam blocking freedom collapsing.” 

Rogan apparently spoke about his plans, which Jones called hardcore. “Joe’s always trying to stay politically neutral and he tried to get along with the left and they acted like total monsters,” said Jones. He doesn’t care what they do, he is coming after them.” According to Jones, Rogan is moving to Austin and has “a bunch of other big plans.”

Jones said Rogan’s defection from YouTube represents the U.S. intelligentsia rejecting the left, rejecting their ideology, and leaving Los Angeles and New York. “Joe was a liberal libertarian, and he now understands that this stuff is real,” said Jones, referring to a conspiracy for one world government. “They made a real mistake messing with him.”

Rogan is the modern Johnny Carson, said Jones. “There has not been something with that many viewers in 30 years that is not scripted.”

Jones said Rogan knows about the New World Order, which many call the conspiracy for one world government, and has concerns about it. “When I first met him in 1998…I got to know Joe, and he got bigger and bigger over the years, and so did Infowars. Now he is married and got children and just wants to have a happy life and wants to promote freedom and doesn’t want to be political. And so the world changes and then the censorship purge takes place, and Joe quietly [moved] behind the scenes, as one of most powerful people in media, as important as Limbaugh, reaching a wide audience that isn’t just conservatives, but also liberals, hindus, satanists, agnostics––he is reaching that big giant audience, thats the holy grail.”

Jones says 40% of Rogan’s audience is men aged 18-56. “The rest is a wide spectrum, including women, and you name it,” said Jones. “The corporate system tried to court him, big CEOs, and he went and had meetings with some of the big guys, but once he found out they were bad news, Joe went ‘You’re right, I went down the road a little bit, I [was] gonna try and turn them around and talk sense into them,’” imparted Jones. “And that was a year and a half ago. Now he knows he can’t talk sense into them. They tried to dominate him, and tried to intimidate him, and so now, Joe understands what is going on, and he is super pissed off, and super excited, and super happy to really be himself.”

In Rogan’s first podcast since the announcement that he signed an exclusivity contract with Spotify, he came out and said Obamagate––that is, accusations that Obama spied on Trump when the billionaire was the incoming President––was real and illegal.

Jones says Rogan called him right after he signed the deal “and he felt so good about it.”

In recent years, Jones hadn’t been happy with Rogan. “I was disgusted that Joe wasn’t getting it a few years and ago and was trying to go along with it, but they were in the stage of reaching out to Joe and trying to seduce him so he wouldn’t say no when the censorship began. And as soon as they started clamping down on him and banning doctors, Joe went to talk to his personal doctor and he found out it was all a big lie.” Push had come to shove for Rogan, who apparently has had some of his videos on YouTube demonetized.

Jones says Rogan is making the same amount of money as before, while Spotify’s stock went up $5 billion, saying that it is in his contract that he has free speech. “That’s about making the industry know if you block people…we will just exodus [from Facebook and YouTube],” said Jones. “With the speed and scalability of technology, overnight everyone is gonna move to these platforms and you will see Alex Jones back on Spotify and you will see the total collapse of Hollywood and the media establishment. If Spotify is going to have free speech, you bet it is gonna have people hanging from the chandeliers.”

Jones said Rogan called him and said, “I want you to be the one that tells everyone I am not backing down.”

Jones is excited. “My old friend, by the actions of the globalists, by the actions of the lockdown, told me three months ago, ‘I may not do this deal with Spotify, but right now they will make major moves against us if we have anyone likes you on. It’s outrageous, and as soon as I am out of here, I will let you speak.”

Jones then kicked his rant into overdrive, railing against Big Tech. “It’s a bunch of drugged out billionaire lunatics that can spy on anyone they want, that have control of NSA, playing God against everybody,” he said.

Rogan originally didn’t want to compromise his Number One status across multiple social platforms, leaning towards not inking the contract with Spotify, according to Jones. Then he watched them ban hammer exercised accross YouTube, silencing legitimate voices.

“He was like, ‘This is beyond the Soviet Union,’” said Jones. “‘It’s real tyranny. You were right Alex. They have billions of dollars, and they want to screw everybody and silence everyone.’”

Jones has a history of being silenced and then lied about. He thinks there are a few key people that, if they come out in the ‘infowar’, could cause a renaissance.

“Joe was a key, one of the big keys,” said Jones. “Let’s say there are 7-10 keys, and Rogan I saw was this key of keys. And it’s gonna be rough folks, the exodus away from the thought police is happening and that’s something to be excited about.”

Jones says Rogan called the globalists “crazy,” saying he now understood where Jones is coming from more clearly.

“I am going crazy like Alex Jones,” said Rogan, according to Jones.