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Andrew Tate Arrested On Human-Trafficking, Organized Crime, And Rape Charges

According to the Romanian news agency Libertatea, controversial kickboxing champion and Tik Tok star Andrew Tate’s luxurious villa in Romania was raided by authorities of DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism).

Not only Tate, but also his brother, Tristan, had their Bucharest homes raided by Romanian authorities early in the morning on 29 December, according to Romanian media. Both were allegedly taken into custody on charges of human trafficking, organized crime, and rape.

Andrew Tate

“So far, six injured persons have been identified who were sexually exploited by the organised criminal group. With regard to the crime of rape, it was noted that, in March 2022, an injured person was forced, on two different occasions, by a suspect through the exercise of physical violence and psychological pressure to have sexual relations,” a police statement read.

“On 29.12.2022, the prosecutors of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism – Central Structure together with police officers from the Bucharest Organized Crime Brigade implemented 5 home search warrants in a case … [involving] committing the crimes of constituting an organized criminal group, human trafficking, and rape,” DIICOT wrote.

“Victims were recruited by British citizens by misrepresenting their intention to enter into a marriage/cohabitation relationship and the existence of genuine feelings of love (the loverboy method). They were later transported and housed in buildings in Ilfov county where, by exercising acts of physical violence and mental coercion (through intimidation, constant surveillance, control and invoking alleged debts), they were sexually exploited by group members by forcing them to perform pornographic demonstrations for the purpose of producing and disseminating through social media platforms … and … forced labor,” it added.

Reuters procured a photo of Andrew and Tristan as they were “escorted by police officers outside the headquarters of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism in Bucharest after 24 hours in custody.” 

The pair are reportedly suspected of being part of a group that forces women “to perform pornographic demonstrations.” 

British-American Tate, 36, is believed to have been involved in an online fight with Greta Thunberg, allegedly exposing his whereabouts by appearing alongside the Romanian pizza box, which inadvertently revealed his location to authorities.

The arrests came one day after he and the teenaged climate activist had sparred on the Internet. 

Andrew became this year one of the most searched men in the world on the internet after going viral with his anti-feminist and anti-globalist slant on Tik Tok and other social media sites, which ultimately resulted in him being banned from nearly all platforms, 

Romanian police said that the raids were part of investigations of organized crime, human trafficking, and rape, though they did not specifically say the Tate brothers were under investigation for organized crime. 

Tristan Tate

DIICOT did not name the brothers in its news release, but did refer to two British citizens targeted by a raid.

Tate has seemingly had his house raided before, although he played the April 2022 episode off as swaitting. 

“I was not arrested,” Tate said. “What happened is I suffered from a case of swatting. It’s very popular with people who are large on the internet.” 

Regarding his most recent run-in with the law, a spokesman for Tate could not provide details: 

“We cannot provide any details at the moment regarding alleged reports that they have been detained; however, Andrew and Tristan Tate have the utmost respect for the Romanian authorities and will always assist and help in any way they can,” a spokesman for Tate told the Daily Mirror.

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