As The Royal Family Celebrates With Silver, You Should Too

As The Royal Family Celebrates With Silver, You Should Too

[heading]As The Royal Family Celebrates With Silver, You Should Too[/heading]

Generally, culture is created by culture creators, who generally are the rich and famous people.  Fans, for example, watch their favorite actors, actresses and musicians and copy their style.

royalBaby_2616499bBut, despite the process, people don’t follow all the right trends. The Royal Mint of England will be releasing a new  £5 silver coin to celebrate the birth of the Duke and Duchesses’ baby featuring a “St George and Dragon” design. Down in the peasantry, though, not enough people commemorate each other and big events with silver. Maybe they ought to take one out of the book of the Royal family…

The new coin will be a silver version of an existing gold Sovereign coin featuring Italian engraver Benedetto Pistrucci’s “St George and Dragon” design, used first in 1817.Royal-Mint_2608533bAccording to one source: “The Royal Mint’s plan is to announce it will be bringing out the silver coin when the Royal baby is born.”

The Royal Mint also has plans to give out “lucky” silver pennies to the parents of every baby born on the same as the new Prince or Princess.

So, when a big day with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, children, parents or family members occurs, get them a little bit of silver. Doesn’t have to be much. Just make this a tradition in your family, and you might be surprised how far that silver has monetarily gone in a decades time.

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