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You Can Bet Bitcoin on Wimbledon

Tennis is a very strong bitcoin betting sport at Nitrogen Sports. “The one-vs-one nature of big matches tends to interest bettors because it’s a great way to dive deep into the psyche of individual players,” he said. “We also foresee fantastic growth in eSports in the coming years, as leagues and teams improve their product for a mass audience.”

Bitcoin has caught on as a way to bet on sports because of its global reach. As a digital currency, anyone from anywhere in the world has the opportunity to use bitcoin. For instance, someone in the Philippines can bet on local basketball with the same currency as someone in the United States betting on NFL football.

“It creates a global betting environment that accurately reflects sports betting across all spectrums,” Nitrogen Sports spokesperson tells me.

Nitrogen Sports offers anonymous bitcoin betting. No emails, no personal information. Just your bitcoin wallet and a username.

The site is also provably fair. Provably fair is a way to verify the trustworthiness of card and dice games without the need for implicit trust from the user or the house. Inspired by the concept of ‘trustless verification’. Provably fair uses 3rd party algorithms that are designed to create full transparency for the bettor.

“You don’t have to guess at whether or not your deal or roll was created via random chance, because you’re allowed access to the code which proves this as well as an extractor, which can tell you if the hash we used followed provably fair protocol,” he said.

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