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Bilderberger Speaks Out, Bitcoin NOT Discussed At Historic Meeting

[heading]Bilderberger Speaks Out, Bitcoin NOT Discussed At Historic Meeting[/heading]

This year’s Bilderberg meeting has come to an end, and this, the sixtieth anniversary of the first Bilderberg meeting was historical. A lot of the footage was caught by Julia Tourianski of Brave The World. It seems that the head of Parliament in the Netherlands, Diederik Samson, served as the first ever face of Bilderberg.

What sentences fell from Samson’s lips? Some interesting ones, some entertaining ones, some predictable ones. There will likely be many videos floating around on YouTube of Mr. Samson, and he knew this would soon be the case. I highly recommend you watch them if you’re interested in modern history, especially Julia’s video, posted below.

“When asked if bitcoin was discussed in the meeting, Samson quickly replied “no.” When Peter Thiel was mentioned, Samson said, “Well, he should be one of you… hearing from what he had to say. He has quite some libertarian point of views…no government, no taxes, no new world order, it’s what you love, I guess, isn’t it [scoff]…he said no taxes, no regulation, no whatever. It’s very nice.”

When asked if he disagreed with Thiel, Samson said “I did. But there are a few people that don’t disagree with him. There’s different views, amongst you too, I think, there are different views about ‘Is raising taxes good.'”

When a spontaneous vote went down around Samson regarding whether or not climate change was a hoax, the Social Democrat from Netherlands admitted, “We democratically agree climate change is a hoax.”

This, if true, is very interesting.  It appears that even libertarians and anarchists are spreading their views inside these very secretive meetings.

It is difficult to know the real agenda of the Bilderberg meeting. This was the official agenda:

1. Is the economic recovery sustainable?

2. Who will pay for the demographics?

3. Does privacy exist?

4. How special is the relationship in intelligence sharing?

5. Big shifts in technology and jobs

6. The future of democracy and the middle class trap

7. China’s political and economic outlook

8. The new architecture of the Middle East

9. Ukraine

10. What next for Europe?

11. Current events

RT’s Daniel Estulin helped to leak the alleged “real” agenda from Bilderberg, which differs dramatically from the official agenda and is more likely. Estulin’s list:

1. Nuclear diplomacy and deal with Iran

2. Gas deal between Russia and China

3. Rise of nationalist moods in Europe

4. EU internet privacy regulations

5. Cyberwarfare and its potential effect on internet freedoms 

6. From Ukraine to Syria, Barack Obama’s foreign policy

7. Climate Change

There were apparently two left off the list, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was bitcoin and the darknet (unless this was grouped under a parent topic) and the other was, say, the “global political awakening.”

Perhaps some combination of these two lists spells a hint of the true discussion.  Julia pointed out that Samson was trying to make the meeting seem as if it was a public, or official, meeting, as opposed to the private meeting it is… which is quite laughable considering there was literally no coverage of this event in the mainstream media in the US and the great majority of participants hid from any cameras.

Here is Julia’s interview with the Bilderberg member:

Although Samson claims the group did not speak about bitcoin, Bilderberg members have spoken out in the past on bitcoin. Many will remember Peter Thiel saying bitcoin could “change the world.” But there are some other less well-known tidbits fallen from the lips of Bilderbergers.

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said that “If governments are determined to choke something off, they can succeed. People thinking that a digital currency “is going to be a libertarian paradise…it’s not a terribly plausible vision.”

However, the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt stated that, “The bitcoin architecture, literally the ability to have these ledgers which can’t be replicated, is an amazing advancement…”Lot’s of people will build businesses on top of that.”

Article originally appeared at The Dollar Vigilante

Justin O’Connell is the CEO of GoldSilverBitcoin, Head Researcher at Dollar Vigilante, author of  Bitcoinomics as well as a co-host at Our Very Own Special Show, a lifestyle podcast about music, news, life and other topics.

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