Bitcoin Belle On Bitcoiners: “I Am Like A Hen Mother To A Group Of Lost Boys”

Bitcoin Belle On Bitcoiners: “I Am Like A Hen Mother To A Group Of Lost Boys”

Bitcoin Belle, who goes by “DI$RUPTIV3” on Twitter, hates the media and compares Bitcoiners to “lost boys” in need of mothering. That’s what she told me when the website reached out to her for comment on the Craig Steven Wright affair, the Australian man who recently claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin. Belle had been following the developments closely, tweeting about them regularly in well-received tweets, so we reached out, in earnest, for her comment. Here’s what she volunteered.

Belle, who courts Bitcoin payments for herself on Twitter, says on her Twitter profile: “If you like it, you should put a Bitcoin on it.

Her location, according to the social media site, is “World of No.” Perhaps I should have anticipated a “no” when we reached out to talk to Belle about her Bitcoin opinions! Well, her opinions are what we got. 

She told us she hates the media! She chastised me for not knowing this. (How could I have not known every detail about this Belle’s life?)

When I asked out to chat with her, she fired back over Twitter: “Why are you interested in my views? And have you not seen how much I hate the media.”

Busy with our own lives, instead of following hers, no – I did not know. She also had unfavorable things to say about the Bitcoin Community

“I am like a den mother to a group of Lost Boys,” referring to the Bitcoin community. “I would agree there are many who need mothering.”

Belle, who also goes by Michele Seven, added: “I do not give my permission for this or any part of it to be used or shared beyond this DM exchange.”

Since Bitcoin prides itself on transparency, I thought that the community should know how one of their “Belle’s” thinks of them.

A slave to the controversial, she added: “Fuck off.”

Belle, who tends her own garden, once tweeted: “The best course of action is to abolish the state.” Of course, she’s never laid out a plan for action.

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