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Bitcoin Is [Not] A Man’s World

When one goes to a Bitcoin event, they are greeted by a scene of mostly men, many of whom flex their egos and their low-end Rolex watches as if they have a lot going for them. Some, mostly VCs, who have only been into bitcoin a short time, pretend that they are pioneers, trying to cement themselves as their own sort of pariah at least in their own. Oh yeah, and a lot of them want to hold your money or for you to invest in their redundant Bitcoin projects. There is very little networking and working together, just peacocking and unfounded confidence or insecurity.  Many males seem to have forgotten that they are not, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto.

But while male ego might dominate many crypto-currency scenes for now, a dedicated group of Crypto Moms is working to change that. Meet Crypto Moms.

The gender gap in Bitcoin is overwhelming,” Rocky DeLucenay of Crypto Moms told Crypto Coins News. “When we first got involved most industry reports indicated a male to female ratio of 95:5. There has been some improvement but no more than a couple of points. Now that we have a solid foundation we are looking at various options to make a significant difference by our second anniversary.”

Why does Rocky believe women are not flocking to Bitcoin?

“I believe that it is case of “young men behaving badly” in the way they communicate at almost all forums across the board.  That has to be the greatest deterrent to women’s participation in the digital currency space,” she told CCN. “It will take a bold move of a cultural change from one that is hostile and destructive to one of mutual trust and respect.”

Crypto Moms strives to change this with programs that are valuable to women.

“At Crypto Moms we are making very dedicated efforts to encourage women to get more involved in digital currency to manage their financial future. We created the first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan for Kids (CRISP For Kids) Even though it was launched just a few months ago, over 100 children, including a few unborn have already signed up for this program with savings as high as  $1,555,” Rocky told CCN.

One woman, Julia Tourianski, already sees Bitcoin as a woman’s world.

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