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Bitcoiner Patrick Byrne: “There Is No Question In My Mind That This Election Was Hacked.”

“There is no question in my mind that this election was hacked,” says Bitcoiner Patrick Byrne, who founded and served as CEO of He is 100% confident the 2020 election was rigged, he reiterates.

Byrne, a lifelong libertarian, detailed evidence the election was rigged on the Alex Jones’ InfoWars syndicated shows, including the War Room with Owen Shroyer, and while wearing a “Bitcoin Not Bombs” shirt. He’s no Trumper. In fact, he claims to have never in his life voted Republican or Democrat. But, he loves the Constitution. A lot.

“The Democrats are right about one thing, there was not widespread voter fraud,” says Byrne. “They did it more intelligently and strategically, and picked six places to go narrow and deep, because someone figured out if you can flip these six counties, you can flip these six states.”

Byrne was first tipped off to suspicious voting irregularities in Dallas, Texas in 2018. As a result, the state government hired a cybersecurity group composed of former Federal law enforcement to study it. They have had two years to reverse engineer how to rig an election on Dominion equipment. The rest of America has had the past two weeks to figure it out. 

Byrne also put together his own team. “We had this whole thing unscrambled by Nov 5-6,” he said. Since then, Byrne has focused on “pulling on the right coat sleeves” to get people to listen to what his team had found. Lawyer Sidney Powell listened. And so did Mayor Rudy Guiliani, Trump’s personal lawyer. 

The story goes something like this: in the late 1990s, Hugo Chavez started Smartmatic, a multinational electronic voting systems company, because he wanted software to rig elections. Smartmatic ultimately moved into Florida seventeen years ago. When the software was imported into the US, the suspected functionality, which allows election administrators to cheat, remained. Elections results could be gamed. The software Chavez had built featured functionalities you wouldn’t want to see in voting software. For instance, administrators at precincts enjoy extraordinary privileges to move ballots from, say, a Trump batch to a Biden batch. Local administrators should not have that privilege, Byrne suggests. It completely invalidates any election security you would expect to be in these systems, he argues. 

“There are a bunch of backdoors,” Byrne says, claiming his cybersecurity group identified ten different back doors. 

That swiss-cheese software made its way to the US through a series of Mergers and Acquisitions and licensing agreements, eventually finding its way into two of the main commercial systems available for use in the country. The equipment, which is being used in 29 states, has functionality that Chavez built into his systems so third-parties could move votes in a drag-and-drop fashion.

“You don’t ask a homeless person for financial advice, you don’t go to North Korea for lessons about Democracy, and you don’t have Venezuela build your election software in my view,” says Byrne. 

The self-proclaimed Libertarian says there are several aspects to understand about how the 2020 election was rigged. “First is the backstory of these election systems and that they have this functionality,” he says. “Secondly, one of these functions is in their instruction manual–it is funny, they are trying to deny it, but it is in the instruction manuals.” 

Byrne explained how this election fraud works (he says there are altogether ten hacks of the systems). “If you go up and feed [the machine] your vote, the machine has trouble reading it and gives you warning,” he said. “Your precinct workers can either tell you to fill it out again or you can hit a green button. If you hit the green button,you think that it is going into a pile to be adjudicated later, and people are going to study it.” Byrne says that is not the case. 

“What really happens later is it goes into a pool to be adjudicated, but the administrators drag and drop 5,000 into the pool of the candidate they want to. No one in their right mind would give precinct administrators that kind of power, so when you hit that green button, you are giving your vote to someone to decide. It might not be two judges. One guy can drag [a batch] all at once.” He estimates 90-95% hit the green button. 

Byrne’s concerns don’t stop there. “All these Dominion servers are infected with malware called QSnatch, which snatches your credentials,” he says. “There are hackers out there highlighting 75,000 dominion machines [which have this malware].” He says administrator credentials are even available on the dark web. 

“Not only does that administrator in, say, Maricopa County have far greater privileges than you would imagine any administrator to have if you want voter integrity, but someone in China can come in and log into the Maricopa machines, and do the same thing.” He argues there is really no way to know what happened in the election, considering Dominion voting system vulnerabilities. 

In short, machine admins have way too many privileges and those administrators’ credentials are compromised through QSnatch. Byrne then highlights the “goonism” going on during election night. If some of the exploits available on the machines were used on election night, the lived experience of the people who go to vote and volunteer in the precincts would be a certain way. They were.

“In Maricopa, we have hundreds of affidavits,” Byrne said, noting that his team has had grassroots people since the day after the election gathering affidavits. He calls to mind the “switcharoo” in Maricopa between sharpies and ballpoint pens. If they use the sharpies and go up to the machine, the ballot can’t be read, the voter clicks on the green button that automatically puts it into a pool to be “adjudicated” by the judge. “That system of manipulating and sliding votes around.” 

Byrne notes people have given affidavits that, even when people pull ballpoint pens out of their pockets, they would say you have to use sharpies. “That sounds kind of weird, but is all explained by what I just explained.” Byrne paints the picture. 

“You put the ballot in [after filling it out with a sharpie], and the precinct worker says to the little old lady, ‘Just hit the green button,’ and so she hits it. It goes into this bucket, this pool of votes, and the admin can come along and grab a thousand and slide it into a candidate of choice. That lines up with the statistical results, Byrne argues, noting wild outliers. 

The “wild statistical anomalies” point towards systemic election fraud. “Things that are quadrillion to one against, like having 1,000 Biden votes in a row even in a heavily Democrat ward.” 

The abovementioned sets of facts dovetail beautifully, according to Byrne. “Crazy functionality built into the machinery, the experience of the people who went and voted exactly what they would experience if this machinery was going to be used to cheat–they would have things like the Sharpie switcharoo, water line breaks to get Republicans out–and the statistical results have all types of things in them a trillion to one probability.” 

He adds: “Anyone who tells you this isn’t going on is part of the machine or doesnt know what they are talking about.” 

The election fraud was “deep and narrow,” according to Byrne, in three cities: “Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Greater Phoenix, and Nevada.” 

Most of these cities are heavily black or hispanic, Byrne notes. “The fraud doesn’t come from black people in these cities. It is election fraud, it is the officials doing the work. Whoever planned it out, picked those cities, so when this gets exposed and comes out [the story is] you are trying to suppress black votes. Whoever is behind it, that was the strategy. It stands out in the numbers like a neon sign. It was good chess playing.”

To add fuel to the fire, Byrne says that his team has gathered evidence that China has been involved in the maintenance and development of the code running the machines. 

He believes  the election fraud can be beat in the courts. 

Trump’s legal team and Sidney Powell are working 20 hours a day absorbing all of the information as scientists unpack the data and writing legal briefs, according to Byrne, who is feeding the two teams the information. State filings are in process and it doesn’t matter if states certify results, in his opinion, for the case must go to the appellate courts. Byrne guesses this will end up in the Supreme Court, citing the hundreds of thousands of acts of what is effectively voter suppression via digital means. “It is massive voter suppression.” 

Why trust Byrne? For one, he knows something about cybersecurity. While he was CEO of (he has since moved on), the site was never hacked. “There were 1,000 attempts per day to hack us most of the time,” he said. “Never once were we hacked.” He was fanatical about security. 

“When I came to understand how [Dominion machines] worked, I knew the fix had to be in, even that these [machines] were accepted [in the first place],” he said. “We have affidavits about election officials who were behind the adoption of Dominion equipment, and there is some real mischief associated with some of those decisions.” 

Byrne points out that Republican officials helped to adopt the Dominion systems, hinting that perhaps they had “private reasons to make such a decision so against the public interest.” 

He offered to make the findings available to all the people around the president and the mainstream press, the latter of which showed no interest. The information has been shared with the president’s people. 

Sidney Powell was on Dominion a day or two after the election. “She smelled skunks. She knew something was going on.” For her, the election fraud was about systematic fraud. Meanwhile, Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s team focused on 241 dead people in Philadelphia, which Byrne believes made sense for the President’s legal team’s purpose, while noting Guiliani understands the implications of the facts surrounding Dominion.

Byrne also highlights the “middle finger” Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was given after he told Philadelphia to keep ballots received after election night separate from the ballots turned in on time, which they did not do. “If the supreme court let’s that stand, it is all over,  there will be precedent that all election laws can be gooned, and if you do it, you get away with it. It is the end of the country.”