Bitcoiners Buy to Troll CEO

Bitcoiners have bought to troll the CEO, who opponents say have abused his role as CEO of by stirring support for an alternative development team for Bitcoin. They have turned the website into an educational website about the development team and projects which Mr. Ver opposes.

The Bitcoin block size debate refers to an ongoing online discussion in which Bitcoin participants discuss changes to the digital currency’s codes to allow for it to better scale and run. Intense debate has ensued, with several camps arising and discussing the issue at fever pitch. At the center of the debate has been Roger Ver, who was dubbed ‘Bitcoin Jesus’.

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Now, in a protest of how Roger Ver has used, one Bitcoiner purchased domain, the self-dubbed “world’s first Bitcoin investor”, and redirected it to User Activated Soft Fork Working Group website (, which opposes the Ver-led “hard fork” notion.

“A hard fork is a type of chain split where the rules are loosened to allow previously disallowed blocks or transactions,” the website explains. “A soft fork is a tightening of the rules. A soft fork will result in a converged chain if the majority of hashpower enforces its rules.”

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