Bitcoinomics The Book

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The Bitcoin Book!

Whether you are a novice, intermediate or Bitcoin user, miner and so on, this book will be of use to you. Are you a researcher of the crypto-currency? Bitcoinomics brings together one year of intensive research into Bitcoin.

From how to use Bitcoin to Bitcoin apps of the future, Bitcoinomics represents the broadest work on Bitcoin to date. Here are the chapters for free.


I. Introduction 

II. Who Is Bitcoin? 

III. What Is Bitcoin? 

IV. Historical Precedents To Bitcoin

V. Bitcoin Fundamentals 

VI. The Bitcoin Market 

VII. Getting Started With Bitcoin 

VIII. Using Bitcoin In Business 

IX. Responsibility & Bitcoin

 X. Bitcoin Uses 

XI. The Future of Money & Property 

XII. Bitcoin Mining 

XIII. Hacking Bitcoin 

XIV. Varying Levels Of Legality 

XV. Bitcoin Trading Price

 XVI. A Menu of Cryptograhic Currencies

XVII. The Internet Is Down

XVIII. Conclusion

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