BitPay Launches New Refund & Invoice Functions

BitPay Launches New Refund & Invoice Functions

BitPay introduced this week an update to their backend which will make it easier for Bitcoin accepting merchants using the BitPay platform to accept payments. In 2011, as BitPay became the world’s first Bitcoin payment processor, there were many features that merchants using the service wanted and needed in order to have more control over their e-commerce business.

Yesterday the firm introduced an improvement to its platform, enabling BitPay merchants to initiate refunds and adjust invoices through their merchant dashboard.

Users can now adjust overpaid/underpaid invoices, as well as initiate total or partial refunds.

“This makes our merchants more self-reliant, accelerates the refund process, and provides a better customer support experience,” the firm wrote in a blog post on its website.

The old way of doing this on the BitPay platform was reaching out to customer service, a tedious process for any busy business owner, and also now-and-then irksome to some customers.

BitPay invoices will now feature a notes section complete with details about the invoice. Users taking advantage of BitPay’s payment protocol wallet will find the refund process extremely easy.

“Partial refunds can also be initiated through the dashboard and give more flexibility to handle overpayments, offer discounts, or retain restocking fees,” wrote BitPay.

If you have comments on BitPay’s changes, you can discuss on their forums at BitPay Labs. The payment processing firm has further plans on the horizon.

“We look forward to releasing more product improvements in the following months.”

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