Blockchain Startup Synereo Hosts AMA Tonight

Blockchain company Synereo will hold an Ask Me Anything on YouTube August 8 at 11:00pm PST. The company has garnered attention in large publications, including CNBC, thanks to their solutions to the flow of money from online audiences to curators and creators.

A Google Chrome browser extension, WildSpark enables internet audiences to send cryptocurrency to content creators. AMP, the platform’s native digital token, is used by users to reward creators for their content.

WildSpark has been designed to give content creators and curators control over the value and monetization of their content.

Synereo focuses on product-solutions for the so-called ‘Attention Economy’, which sees human attention as a scarce economy and applies economic theory to information management problems. Dor Konforty, Founder and CEO of Synereo, cites the company’s long experience designing and building blockchain products for its big plans in press comments.

As a platform-agnostic monetization tool, Konforty believes WildSpark can shift the balance of power on the internet and make it fairer for content creators. The platform is not its own content creation platform, nor is it designed for any one internet website. Rather, it’s designed at the browser level to be applicable to any and all popular content creation websites at any given time.

He describes the platform as a game in an interview with CNBC. In this game, he outlines, value flows to the creator and curator.

WildSpark, which has been in Beta since July, currently has 1400 active users participating in its closed Beta program. Over 2000 instances of Amplification, where users have awarded content creators and curators for their work, have an average Amplification of 1.16 AMPs. (The largest was 6.6 AMPs) 1,013 unique videos have been Amplified.

The AMA will be an unique opportunity to learn more about this leading Attention Economy solution, which, alongside other blockchain platforms Steemit and Brave, is on the forefront of how we access and pay for digital media. Stay tuned on the team’s Twitter for more information.

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