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Brazil Braces For MASSIVE Lula Inauguration As Bolsonaro Heads To Florida

The Brazilian Supreme Court on Wednesday banned registered gun owners from carrying firearms within federal territory until after the presidential inauguration of President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a response to recent episodes of political violence. 

“We’re not talking about a lone wolf,” Dino said of the suspect, George Washington de Oliveira Sousa, who was arrested on Saturday. Police said he planned to set off an explosive device near the airport in the capital, Brasilia.

“There are powerful people behind this, and the police will investigate,” Dino said.

Brazil’s Jan 1 presidential inauguration of Lula, will be carnivalesque for progressives in Brazil.

Incoming ministers said security would have to tighten up ahead of Lula’s upcoming inauguration, following the arrest over the weekend of Bolsonaro supporters for an alleged plot to stoke chaos. 

On December 22, while announcing new ministers, Lula said that outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro remains among people who refuse to accept the defeat in the election. 

Lula’s cabinet appointments, which have thus far favored the leftists and the hardliners in his Workers Party, are turning off those who trusted the 77-year-old controversial figure to govern along with moderates, who have joined forces since the outgoing Bolsonaro tested Brazil’s constitutional safeguards on several occasions.

Carlos Melo, professor of political science at Insper University, in downtown Sao Paulo, likens the likely political environment to the one experienced under former President Dilma Rousseff, who was Lula’s hand-picked successor following her second term. 

To advance Brazil’s once-and-future presidential agenda, Lula would have to work with Congress, where loyalists of Mr. Bolsonaro outnumber his own. 

Analysts say that he is likely to stir up culture wars, much like the former President Donald Trump’s presidency did to the U.S..

Like in the U.S. during its 2020 election, Brazil faces a scenario where millions of Bolsonaro loyalists still think Lula will not be inaugurated on Jan. 1. 

Bolsonaro’s decision also would be a conclusion to a politically messy year for Brazil, in which supporters of Bolsonaro have been protesting against the results of a razor-thin Lula victory throughout the country. 

The ban on weapons in federal territory comes as tensions in the country remain high following the most contentious elections in a generation, which saw the left-wing Lula narrowly beat outgoing Brazilian president Bolsonaro, who is planning on skipping the inauguration and going to Florida. 

Some have wondered: Will he visit President Donald J. Trump? 

At home, Lula has one major task on his hand, similar to that of Joseph Biden when he took office. 

Thomas Traumann, an independent political analyst, sees the parallels. 

“The huge challenge that Lula has will be to pacify the country,” he said. “People are not only polarized on political matters, but also have different values, identity and opinions. What’s more, they don’t care what the other side’s values, identities and opinions are.”

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