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Bruno Mars Sparkles & Shines on 24K Magic

Ladies have been swoonin’ over Bruno Mars for some years now, and since he’s dubbed his most recent album “24K” that gives us here at GoldSilverBitcoin a reason to listen and review. 

Mars’ most recent downplays the swoonin’ ballads that have made the hearts of women everywhere flutter for a funkier approach. But, in the glossy production of 21st century technology, something is lost in all that funk. With that said, Mr. Mars lookin’ back in the past for inspiration also helps him look into the future, and he puts his own spin on things.

24k Magic, his third album, is a whole lot of fun throughout. Get ready to party. Mr. Mars also demonstrates a newfound swagger. What’s missing here are some deeper moments, which have garnered the pop-singer much of his popularity.

The album’s first single, and title track, puts these funky flavors on display. The song “Perm” seemingly goes back to the 1960s. Mr. Mar’s doesn’t flourish on his newest as a singer, but, rather a producer. He’s listed on the album as Shampoo, Press & Curl and his range here in this role might be what he wants to show off first and foremost.

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