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Bruno Mars Drops New Single, “24k Magic”

Bruno Mars is back with a new hit song – – and music video to accompany it. The video, as many modern music videos, demonstrate a lavish lifestyle with private jets, hotel rooms and designer outfits in Las Vegas.

As one might expect for a music video titled, “24K Magic,” Mars sports numerous gold necklaces, gold colored shades. Generally, the color gold and be seen throughout the music video.

Alongside plenty of booty, Mars shouts out, “hustlers, gangsters, bad bitches and your ugly ass friends.”

Generally, the number “24” features throughout the video. 24 karat gold is among the most solid golds, checking him most of the time at percent pure gold. It’s the gold preferred by many gold-loving cultures throughout the world, while lesser karatages are popular in the US. Oftentimes, many of the old jewelry in the US comes under even its marked karatage of 12-18k.

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