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“Buy Silver” Maintains Momentum Despite Silver Prices

[heading]”Buy Silver” Maintains Momentum Despite Silver Prices[/heading]

According to Google Trends, although silver sentiment has reached levels approaching those not seen since before the metal began its current bull market in, arguably, 2005, for the search term “silver,” Google users are still engaging the search term “buy silver” on a long-term growth trend, with Google even forecasting that the trend will continue its recent uptick.

According to the chart, silver peaked in 2011 when it ran from $33 to $50 without much pause, before collapsing and experiencing the two years of soft prices, bringing the metal as low as the $18 handle. The search term “silver” saw its lowest sentiment in May of 2009, and has remained above those levels ever since.


Buy “buy silver” remains to enjoy high volume, meaning one or more of three things: that there are more buyers in the market using the search term “buy silver”; there are more sellers in the market trying to search optimize around “buy silver,” or a mixture of the both. ┬áBut, a sharp spike in October and November and the chart hints that perhaps people have growing buying interest.


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