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Trump Wants Ride in Queen of England’s Golden Carriage for UK Visit

Donald Trump wants a golden carriage procession down the London Mall during his planned UK visit in October in what police believe will likely be the most extensive public order operation in years.

“If he is in a golden coach being dragged up the Mall by a couple of horses, the risk factor is dramatically increased,” said a source.


Hundreds of heavily-armed security agents travel with Trump,along with plain-clothed police officers, positioned snipers and firearms officers in the crowds.

The source added: “There may well be protections in that coach such as bulletproof glass, but they are limited. In particular it is very flimsy.”

Image: Shutterstock, The Sun

Defending World Champion Cubs Don Gold for Wrigley Field Opening Night

(GoldSilverBitcoin) Anthony Rizzo is a baseball star. He is possibly the face of Major League Baseball thanks to his role in ending the Chicago Cub’s 108 year drought and role as team star. So, it’s only fitting that on the night the Cubs raised the 2016 World Series Championship banner, Rizzo delivered his first RBI of the season to walk-off against the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 on Monday night.

Said Rizzo: “I’ll remember this day for as long as I play baseball.”

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Before the nailbiter of a game, the banner raising ceremony was delayed for nearly two hours due to inclement weather. The Wrigley Field video scoreboard replayed Game 6-clinching NLCS win over the Dodgers.


As the final out of Game 6 was recorded, it poured. The videoboard showed former Cubs catcher and member of 2016 championship team David Ross take the dance floor for Week 3’s competition on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The Cubs watched from the dugout.

The Cubs sported their gold-trim Cubs jersey, which has become a new baseball trend. The 2014 World Champion Giants, 2015 World Champion Royals and now the 2017 Chicago Cubs all wore gold-trimmed uniforms in their first homestand after a World Series victory.


Ben Zobrist missed out on wearing the Royal’s 2016 gold-trim jersey, though the Kansas City organization did send him one. He underscored the honor of wearing these jerseys and what the championship has done for the City of Chicago.

The “thank yous” are non-stop. “Recently I had a guy cry on my shoulder,” Zobrist said. “An officer from the city here.”

“Everyone needs to realize the significance of it, what it means for the organization and personally as we look back on that jersey,” Zobrist said. “We get to keep a lot of jerseys over the years, but that will be one of my favorites.”

The gold-trim jersey, which feature a gold border around the front logo, a world series commemorative patch on the right arm and a gold number and name on the back, were on sale in the Cub’s official team store for $198.

After the rain delay, the Cubs banner raising ceremony got under way. After 108 years, the former “Loveable Losers” were Champions of the World. All of the Dodgers were bundled up as lineups were announced, except for one: Clayton Kershaw. He wore just his short-sleeved gray jersey, just the same as he wore when he was rocked in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series when the Cubs beat the Dodgers 5-0.

After the defending World Champion Cubs had lined up one-by-one alongside the third base dugout, they made their way towards the center field brick wall to the roar of the crowd.

Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg raised the banner commemorating the 1907 championship. Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins raised the 1908 banner. Billy Williams raised the 2016 National League Pennant as the crowd awaited the final banner.

Then, the Chicago Cubs raised the 2016 “Champions of the World” banner. The members of the 2016 team pulled on it one-by-one. The banner had to be knocked up against the top of the flagpole a few times to fully unravel blow in the wind.

“I love banner-raising,” Cubs eccentric manager Joe Maddon said before the ceremony. “Rings are wonderful, but I love banner-raising. That’s symbolically there all the time. Every time a kid shows up at the park, he sees that banner.”

The Cubs entered the field through the center field wall. Rizzo, the organization’s longest standing MLB player, held the World Series Trophy high above his head. The Wrigley Field PA played “It’s a Long Way to the Top” by AC/DC.

“A lot of emotions seeing that video and raising the flag,” Rizzo told press after the game. “The fans deserve that. Ive been a little emotional lately for some reason thinking about all this, when they told me that, emotions ran and what an honor that is. “

Rizzo said that at one point during the night he was “fighting back tears.”

He noted: “I wasn’t expecting to get hit with that many emotions. It was amazing.”

Laura, Todd and Tom Ricketts, whose family own the Chicago Cubs, then threw out three first pitches.

The ESPN broadcast then cut to an interview with Maddon, who discussed the importance of bringing the widow of a mentor of his, as well as former Cubs manager, Don Zimmer. Zimmer’s wife, Soot, was in attendance, Maddon told ESPN viewers, by his request. He told her her late husband would be there – albeit in spirit – and so she should be, too.

The field was ready for the game. On the edge of the bases, gold plates with the World Series Champions logo shone for the camera. For one World Series hero in particular, this was the moment he’d been waiting for.

Kyle Schwarber missed most of the 2016 season – he did not record a hit during the regular season – due to a knee injury. Miraculously, doctors cleared him to be the Designated Hitter in the World Series and he played a key role in his team’s victory.

“I haven’t really got to play at home in a year so it’s really going to be special when I walk out to left and see people in the bleachers,” Schwarber said. “It’s going to be a bit of a family reunion, I guess.”

The temperature sank towards 40 degrees as the game wore on. The crowd, perhaps a bit grumpy after a long day, booed Cubs bullpen pitchers – Carl Edwards, Jr. and Justin Grimm – late in the game when they had trouble finding the strike zone.

Today the celebration continues in Chicago. Kris Bryant made took batting practice mid-day Tuesday – an off-day for the Dodgers and Cubs who resume series on Wednesday – in a Red Bull stunt.

Javier Baez, Cubs second basemen and only Puerto Rican on the 2016 championship squad, will be honored with the street “Javier ‘Javy’ Baez way” in Chicago’s Puerto Rico neighborhood.

The Cubs will wear the gold jerseys one more time, Wednesday, after they receive their Championship rings, which are said to feature 108 diamonds.

“The best part of last year is we all got to be part of something bigger than ourselves,” said Cubs President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein. “[We] feel connected to each other and the fans and the organization and the city.”

Images: USA Today, WBEZ, AP, ABC

You Can Now Own a Pair of 24k Underwear


Australian underwear brand aussieBum wants your butt to feel like…a million bucks. Towards that end, the company has created a pair of men’s underwear worth $14,695. The company even sold a pair, though that guy wishes to remain anonymous has followed the brand since 2001, according to aussieBum’s press release.

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Now underwear collectors can own a pair of 24k Gold underwear, made out of 24k gold yarn developed in Germany and knitted in Queensland. Designed by company founder Sean Ashby, and made in Sydney, Australia, the company hopes the 24k pair will add to its success – the press release says the company sold more than one million pairs of underwear and swimwear around the world.

“If you doubt yourself, wear something else,” he says.

Chicago Cubs Wear Gold Trim on Uniforms to Commemorate World Series Title

(GoldSilverBitcoin) To commemorate their 2016 World Series title – the first in 108 years – the Chicago Cubs will sport a uniform with gold for their first two home games of 2017. The first two games take place on April 10 and April 12 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Gold trim will wrap the C on the classic Cubs hat as well as the logo on front of their uniform. The names and numbers on back of the uniforms will also feature gold. The Cubs are not…

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The San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals also wore gold touch for their first games after their first Series titles in 2014 and 2015.

In case you missed it, Kyle Schwarber posed as a model for the uniforms this past January.


Dave Mirra’s 24K Gold Bike Auctioned for $50,000

Dave Mirra’s 24-karat bike – which he rode in the X Games – was for sale on eBay for $50,000 but did not sell. It’s likely still available. It’s for sale by the guy who bought it from Dave Mirra. 

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“This is a bike that I bought directly from Dave Mirra after doing a polishing restoration article on it in BMX Plus Magazine years ago,” reads the ad. “I have owned this bike for years. The bike is real 24 carat gold plated for him by Haro for the X Gamrs. After almost a year went by as I was restoring his Dyno Slammer. I asked him why he never wanted the bike back he said he would pick it up in a few months and it wasn’t really one of his favorites since he crashed on it in his first run in X Games at Staples Center in Los Angeles where he couldn’t even make his second run. On that note I asked if he would ever consider and selling it and he said of course I would sell it to nobody but you Mark and we made a deal and that’s how it went down that I made payments over several months to him.


The ad continues: “It made him happy to see me bring it all over to shows and have everybody ride it and send Dave the fun pictures and that’s what really made him happy seeing his friends and fans on it. This bought to the continuation of this bike touring with me and his life for him through what I did with it… Now I can no longer do that with him gone. It’s a sad thing to look at on a daily basis chained with a 20 ton chain.”

Mirra believes “it’s time for me to let this prize of a bike or Holy Grail go to a good home, collector or a museum of some sort for the world to display.”

The bike has been unaltered. “When I originally got this from him it did have pitted surface rust on the bottom and the rear hoop wheel which was change sometime in the X Games contest and the tear in the seat was also there no it has damaged change this bike in any manner shape or form besides what are your sins gold-plated Hutch trickstar this is the Holy Grail and truly missed.. I am doing the right thing I don’t need any negative publicity or feedback this is my property and I’ll do as I please with it if it brings over x amount of dollars I would like to select a possible place to leave some funds that will help. THIS IS A PICK UP ONLY SALE WITH CASH.”

24k! Adriana Lima Sports Gold Dress In Miami

Adriana Lima looks great. And especially, for goldbugs and silverbugs, in gold. The Victoria Secret model arrived at Ocean Drive Magazine’s celebration at Komodo in Miami Wednesday night.

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The party, planned to celebrate the magazine’s March issue with Adriana as the cover, featured Ms. Lima wearing a dress of gold fringe out of the Misha Collection.


There model wore heels on the 5′ 10″ Ms. Lima. The mini dress made it clear the supermodel works out, too.


Her gold hoop earrings capped off the gold-themed outfit. Ms. Lima posed next to her recent Ocean Drive Magazine cover, in which she wears a gold shirt and black shorts.

This $25,000 Taco is Laced with 24k Gold

We all know, deep down, the best taco are those $1 street tacos found long after the sun has gone down on a Mexico city over the weekend. One Mexican chef, Licerio, has taken this to a new extreme.

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The Grand Velas Los Cabos’, a luxury resort in Mexico, has combined – in one taco – shrimp, Kobe beef, caviar and…gold leaf. Combined, that brings the total price of the taco to a whopping $25,000.

The taco is made from only the high-end of food products, including corn tortilla with 24k gold flakes. The kobe beef in these tacos is known for its tenderness, fat and texture. Almas Beluga caviar are the eggs of sturgeon fish. The Langoustines are scampi – white shellfish – of high quality variety. Black truffle brie cheese is soft and white paste is smooth with a luscious buttery flavor concocted out of high-quality cow’s milk and layered with black truffles and rich aromatic tastes. Then, the taco is topped with a Morita chili salsa, añejo tequila (one of the finest in the world) and civet coffee.

Oh, yeah, then it’s topped with 24k gold leaf again.

“People are excited and a little surprised about how you can eat a taco for $25,000 when you can find one on the street for $0.5,” he said. “Then I explain the delicacy, the technique and the harmony that they will lift from the plate, and that it’s worth it.”

To be sure, the $25,000 feeds two. No one had ordered the menu one week after it had been concocted, which would entail a $12,500 deposit and a reservation in the presidential suite.

The dish is then presented in a desert encircled by motorcycles or during a marriage proposal.

Licerio recommends to complement the taco with the luxury tequila Pasion Azteca – $150,000 per bottle.

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