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Posts published in “Coronavirus”

IBM Believes Blockchain Could Help Vaccinate The World

Fortune calls “vaccinating the global population” against COVID-19 as one of the most “immense and logistical challenges humanity has ever faced.” According to the magazine,…

2020 Was A Revolution

2020 was a revolution. Here is what actually happened. The IMF-dubbed Great Lockdown saw fear taking the front seat and the social contract rewritten posthaste. …

How COVID-19 Changed The World Forever

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic will bring about serious change. Factory and service jobs, for instance, will be assumed by robots. There will be…

Beyond COVID-19 Impact: Upturning Financial Setbacks

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to economic disruptions, causing drastic loss to our livelihood and exposure of inequity in the health system. Hundreds of thousands fell into extreme poverty while risking themselves as a consequence of the virus.

Fed’s Powell Calls For More Economic Stimulus

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told lawmakers on Wednesday that the economy needs more help to economic stimulus to power through the economic impacts of…

Lockdown Has Destroyed The Social Fabric Of India

Jayant Bhandari, who MBA from Manchester Business School (UK) and B. Engineering from SGSITS (India), believes we are now coming to realize how excessively governments…

Consumer, Corporate Debt Undermines Coronavirus Recovery

Before the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, total household debt was more than $1.6 trillion higher than during the previous peak in 2008, increasing to $155 billion in Q1 to total $14.3 trillion, according to data released by the New York Fed.

$3 Trillion Economic Stimulus Bill Likely To Be Rejected By Senate

The House passed a $3 trillion Democratic economic stimulus bill on Friday that was largely rejected by Republicans and President Donald Trump. Passed 208-199, the bill would provide insolvent states and local governments with more than $1 trillion, and most Americans with another $1,200 check.

A Quarter of Americans Have Sought Unemployment

Americans seeking unemployment benefits increased by nearly three million last week, bringing total jobless claims to 36 million––nearly a quarter of the American workforce of about 156 million. “Today’s unemployment claims continue their ascent on a cumulative weekly basis; not since the Great Depression has the US job market been in such a sorry state,” said Richard Flynn, UK managing director at Charles Schwab.

Coronavirus Leads To Rising Socialism in The United States

10,000 people have joined the Democratic Socialists of America in recent months, and the organization cites the coronavirus pandemic as the reason why.

Local chapters of Democratic Socialists of America are calling laid off Americans and offering to assist in the procurement of food or groceries, filing for unemployment, as well as inviting to take part in rent-cancellation campaigns.

Your Office In The New Normal

In the near future, your daily routine at the office might be drastically changed, starting with a morning self-administered Covid-19 symptom and temperature check. Your boss will receive the results through an app, and if you’re cleared, a low-occupancy company shuttle will take you to work, and everyone on it will wear a mask.

Smithfield CEO: “We Are Either Going To Produce Food or Not”

After 200 employees reportedly had come down with COVID-19, Smithfield Foods Inc. will shutter its major Sioux Falls, South Dakota, pork-processing facility, where four to five percent of U.S. production takes place. 

The Solution to Coronavirus is Mass Surveillance, Apparently

Vaccine or not, the United States either needs economically ruinous levels of social distancing, a digital surveillance state of shocking size and scope, or a mass testing apparatus of even more shocking size and intrusiveness. That’s the word from U.S. think tanks. 

The New Normal: Austerity For All

The lock downs, which have swept the globe, are unprecedented. The U.S. economy is expected to wither by at least a quarter––as much as during the Great Depression. While the reduction after 1929 took place over a four-year period, the recent decline will take place over a few months.

Coronavirus: Nearly A Third of Tenants In U.S. Did Not Pay Their April Rent

Nearly a third of tenants in the U.S. did not pay their rents during the first week of April, according to a landlord group. The research division of The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), which accounts for monthly rent payments, found a 12 percentage point decrease in share of apartment households that had paid rent by April 5.

Coronavirus: Truckers Warn Supply Chain Disruptions Loom

Truckers have warned that the nation’s supply chain is in jeopardy. Truckers argue they are hauling goods into COVID-19 hot spots sans protective equipment, testing capabilities or ways to self-quarantine or seek treatment if they become sick.

Idahoans Push Back Against “The Virus That Tried To Kill The Constitution”

Last week, Ammon Bundy, who led the 2014 standoff regarding unpaid grazing fees on federally-owned public lands in Oregon, spoke to a few dozen people in a meeting that violated orders by Gov. Brad Little of Idaho to avoid groups. Bundy called it his constitutional right to peacefully assemble. He had created a network of people ready to aid those facing closures of their business and other interference from the government amid the coronavirus outbreak.

You Might Need a “Covid Pass” to Come Out of Quarantine

With Italy having reached its crest of the world’s most deadliest outbreak, Italian health officials and politicians have looked towards reopening the country. Their thinking revolves around the idea that you may only go back to work if you’ve the right antibodies in your blood, though researchers are not completely sure that antibodies indicate immunity. 

Business Burglaries INCREASE Nationwide During Coronavirus Lockdown

While most crime is down in New York City during the coronavirus lockdown, burglaries are the exception. They were up approximately 22% in March. The City That Never Sleeps is not the only city dealing with an uptick in burglaries. Towns and cities across the country have experienced the same trend.