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Dark Web Gun Runner Overdoses in front of Court to Try and Avoid Sentencing

A man who went by the darknet alias of Walter Mitty tried to overdose and take his own life outside of a court, before a judge was set to sentence the UK man, for a second time. His ploy failed, and the judge sentenced him to jail anyway.

Justin Young, 45, was taken to the hospital after drinking an entire bottle of whisky and swallowing a huge dose of prescription medicine, according to The Sun out of the United Kingdom. 

He was about to face the music for the illegal importation of assault rifle parts via the dark web. The judge jailed him for eight years while Mr. Young was being treated in the Royal Cornwall hospital for his self-inflicted wounds.


The court learned how Mr. Young was a “normal” man who eventually “went off the rails.” In his ‘Walter Mitty’ delusion he crafted, he seemingly led the life of the protagonist of the hit show Breaking Bad, Walter White.

Having pleaded guilty to three counts of “conspiring to fraudulently avoid prohibition on the importation of illegal firearm parts,” Mr. Young was caught red-handed for importing rifles, including AR-15s.

This was not the first, but indeed the second time Mr. Young tried to overdose before being sentenced OUTSIDE of court. The first time he was simply arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

As he tried to die this most recent time, he handed police a note to his wife and children in which he explained his intention to commit suicide.

The darknet has been subject of much controversy since the Silk Road, the first underground marketplace where users could trade bitcoins for assorted illicit goods, was taken down by the FBI.

Subsequent darknet marketplaces were launched and global law enforcement agencies have banded together to track commerce originated from such darknet marketplaces.

Such a marketplace was made possibly by the advent of Bitcoin technology. A decentralized digital currency in which users can transact pseudonymously.

Golden Bud Light Can Means Chance to Win Super Bowl Tickets for Life

Bud Light announced its Super Bowl contest last week, which involves a bit of gold – to be exact gold cans of beer. If you receive a golden beer can in one of your 18,24, or 30 packs of Bud Light – the ones marked “Strike Gold” –  you win a lifetime supply of Super Bowl tickets. Read More

Check Out President Trump’s 24k Vodka

Trump’s 24k vodka might now be defunct, but its demonstrative of the President’s love for the yellow metal, and a big reason why the goldbug community supported the businessman for President. The vodka bottle even looks like a gold brick.

Donald Trump predicted back in 2006 it’d be America’s favorite vodka. Read More

How a Bitcoin Accepting Securities Lawyer Profited from Cubs Game 7 Victory

Wrigleyville erupted after the Chicago Cubs won Game 7 of the 2016 World Series.

Adam Tracy, Chicago-based securities lawyer and big time White Sox fan, thought about it the night before the ‘loveable losers’ clinched November 2 their first World Series victory in 108 years, vanquishing the Cleveland Indians.

To be honest, he was a  bit sour about the North Siders potentially going all the way. He figured, win or lose, there’d be some sort of rioting. Maybe he’d make some money off it to make himself feel better. Read More

“Bier-Jesus von Mariendorf” and His Temple

Stone’s bearded CEO and co-founder Greg Koch already has nicknames in Germany: “Bier Jesus von Mariendorf,” referencing the Berlin suburb where the new  “Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Berlin” is located. Another one: “Bier-Rocker.Berliner Kurier refers to the new Stone location as his ‘temple.’

Yelpers! and reporters alike question Stone’s location ten minutes from the nearest subway or suburban trains. This does not bother the 52-year-old Koch.

“In our hometown of San Diego, California, we are ranked number three largest brewery with a similar location,” he told the Berliner Morgenpost October 1 after Stone Berlin soft-opened, and one month before recent layoffs at Stone’s in San Diego County. Koch wants the new Germany location to serve 17 European countries.

Craft beer for all Europe,” reads a headline by the Berliner Abendblatt.

The brewery is designed to produce nearly 100,000 barrels of beer annually. Stone was available in just 25 Berlin restaurants before the new Berlin location opened.

“I prefer beer brewed with creativity, passion and knowledge,” says Koch. He is surprised that “cheap” for many Germans is more important than quality.

Many have wondered what Germans will think of the stronger aromas and higher alcohol content of San Diego craft beers, as well as Stone’s bitter flavors.

One Yelper! warns others about Stone’s different taste than traditional German beer, describing international bitterness units and where Stone falls on that scale. “Have a big glass of water with the beer,” the Yelper! Writes. “I had a 0.3 Hasel and coconut brewed beer (without liquor), and it tasted remarkably well.” Commenters commend the 65 types of beer, from Stone and local German brands, on tap.

“One seeks in vain the sweet beer mixed drinks (a.k.a Radler) at Stone,” writes Daniel H. of Berlin, referencing popular drinks in Germany that mix fruits with beers.

“The American beer recipes take some getting used to,” says Berliner M. W.

“The beer tastes super,” says Berlin resident Patrick J.

“Craft beer lovers get their money’s worth here,” says.Commenters nearly ubiquitously lamented Stone’s high prices in Berlin.

“I’m not ready to pay California prices,” says one commenter. They finish the comment in English: “This Ain’t California in Mariendorf.” Further, Germans express disappointment with a ‘No Smoking’ terrace.

“Smoking is forbidden on the terrace,” complains Dusan S of Berlin on the Yelp! for Stone’s new location in Berlin, Germany. “Incomprehensible!!!”

Koch’s vision for the Berlin location, after all, was somewhere  “which takes you far away, and in the middle of Berlin.”

Eleven beers are brewed on site. Morgenpost reports the “hoppy” Indian Pale Ale is most popular at the European location, followed by Cali-Belgique Indian Pale Ale and then Arrogant Bastard Ale.

Koch calls the 115-year-old, 2400-square-meter building with numerous gardens a “world-class destination for relaxation in a creative, environmentally friendly environment.”

Glistening bright tanks are separated by a glass wall from the gastronomical area, where experimental meat and vegetarian dishes are served from a food truck, such as duck tacos. It cost Stone 23 million euros. Like it’s Escondido location, tours of the facilities are offered.

“It took a lot of time and countless hours to get where we are now,” says Koch about Stone Berlin.

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