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Check Out President Trump’s 24k Vodka

Trump’s 24k vodka might now be defunct, but its demonstrative of the President’s love for the yellow metal, and a big reason why the goldbug community supported the businessman for President. The vodka bottle even looks like a gold brick. Donald Trump predicted back in 2006 it’d be America’s favorite vodka.

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“Bier-Jesus von Mariendorf” and His Temple

Stone’s bearded CEO and co-founder Greg Koch already has nicknames in Germany: “Bier Jesus von Mariendorf,” referencing the Berlin suburb where the new  “Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Berlin” is located. Another one: “Bier-Rocker.” Berliner Kurier refers to the new Stone location as his ‘temple.’ Yelpers! and reporters alike question Stone’s location ten minutes […]

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