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Google Introduces New Startups To Launchpad Studio, Partners With Four Indian Banks

Google just introduced a new group of startup businesses into Launchpad Studio, the tech behemoth’s accelerator it launched last year that matches top machine learning startups and experts from Silicon Valley with Google – its people, network, and advanced technologies. While the accelerator’s first group was meant to gather new insights from medical data, this most […]

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JP Morgan’s Blockchain Researchers Discussed Ethereum’s Shortcomings Before DAO Hack

When two senior blockchain leaders left JP Morgan’s Juno project last month to start the firm, as reported by Quartz, it was on amicable terms. Related: JPMorgan Publishes Code for Permissioned Blockchain JPMorgan & Kadena Partnership In The Works? In fact, former executive director Stuart Popejoy and JP Morgan head engineer Will Martino – […]

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NTR Launders Money for “Modern-Day Pablo Escobar”

A conspiracy involving employees at NTR Metals was outlined in a criminal complaint against Juan Pablo Granda, 35, and implicates the North American precious metals refinery and trading company in a litany of serious actions. The conspiracy involved the purchase of massive amounts of gold from illegal mines in Peru supporting human trafficking, forced labor […]

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The European Union Wants to Create a Public Bank for Continent’s Toxic Debt

£910BILLION worth of bad debt could collapse the European Union banking system. The “urgent and actionable” reality in Europe, which has left to increasingly radical parties claiming seats in the continent’s parliaments, has led to regulators on the continent plan for a “bad bank” contingency. Such a “bad bank” would effectively collectivize among the taxpayers […]

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China & Russia are Stockpiling Gold

Gold refineries in Switzerland sent a record amount of gold to Shanghai last December, and Russia is buying gold in droves as well, as the United States experiences a time of tumultuous politics and the european banking system is reported to be on the verge of collapse. Figures released at the end of January by […]

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