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What Will Come Of The Senate Hearing On Bitcoin?

[heading]What Will Come Of The Senate Hearing On Bitcoin? [/heading]

The meeting in Senate on November 18 will surely be historical, at the very least from Bitcoin’s perspective. Never before has the legislator gathered ’round in such a formal manner to discuss the darling of cyberpunks everywhere, the decentralized crypto-currency Bitcoin.

As they do so, Bitcoin is on the rise to $400, and perhaps even $1,500 by the beginning of the year.  At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is at $350, according to BitStamp. (at the time of editing, $355.) 

“Buy Silver” Maintains Momentum Despite Silver Prices

[heading]”Buy Silver” Maintains Momentum Despite Silver Prices[/heading]

According to Google Trends, although silver sentiment has reached levels approaching those not seen since before the metal began its current bull market in, arguably, 2005, for the search term “silver,” Google users are still engaging the search term “buy silver” on a long-term growth trend, with Google even forecasting that the trend will continue its recent uptick.

Shopify Now Supports Bitcoin, Enters As One Of The Biggest Companies In The Space

[heading]Shopify Now Supports Bitcoin, Enters As One Of The Biggest Companies In The Space[/heading]

In what is huge news for the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency, Shopify has announced this evening Bitcoin integration, and that people with stores at shopify can now accept Bitcoin. The feature is currently manual, but nonetheless this huge news, as the website Shopify is one of the largest in the world.  With nearly 55,000 links linking into Shopify’s website, it easily makes it one of the biggest Bitcoin affiliated websites on the net. From their recent blog post:

Is Bitcoin Responsible For Capital Controls In The US?

[heading]Is Bitcoin Responsible For Capital Controls In The US? [/heading]

With each JP Morgan business account holder who receives the letter informing them of new JP Morgan business account policies, a case for Bitcoin is made.

However ironically, could it be that this is the polar opposite of the bank’s intentions?

JP Morgan Chase’s Business Banking Division sent a letter to account holders stating, from November 17, 2013 on, the bank would no longer offer international wire transfers. Any scheduled transfers or recurring transfers would be canceled.

Further, cash activity – that is, folding, green cash and money orders – would be limited to $50,000 per statement cycle.

How Bitcoin Can Help Free Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Of Spotify

Thom Yorke has no problem telling Spotify to “fuck off”

Thom Yorke, Radiohead and Atoms For Peace frontman, has been vocal and active against Spotify, most recently in an interview with Mexican website Sopitas.

Yorke is succinct, calling the music service “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse.”  In July, Yorke complained, “new artists get paid fuck all with this model”.

Tuesday Nudges American Silver Eagles Towards Record

It makes sense that American Silver Eagles are seeing a spike in demand. This week alone, the US government has almost defaulted. This week alone, one-in-seven Americans were told they might starve this winter. This week alone, JP Morgan has signaled they will institute their own capital controls.

Tuesday saw the negative credit watch decision by Fitch lead to a single day jump in the sales of American Silver Eagles of 749,500, thusly approaching 38 million on the way towards a new annual record.