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China & Russia are Stockpiling Gold

Gold refineries in Switzerland sent a record amount of gold to Shanghai last December, and Russia is buying gold in droves as well, as the United States experiences a time of tumultuous politics and the european banking system is reported to be on the verge of collapse.

Figures released at the end of January by Federal Customs Administrations showed that Switzerland, a world leader in gold production, sent 158 tonnes of gold to China, a five time increase over November’s sum and nearly three times the volume in December 2015. Read More

£100 million in Hitler’s Gold found in Nazi Shipwreck

Adolf Hitler’s lost gold has been found, according to a British diver in the  Baltic sea. The ocean explorer’s claims he found gold the Nazi’s stole as they ransacked Europe during World War II horrors.

The discovery is reported to approximate £100 million, has been sought by treasure seekers time-and-time again never to be found…until now. Read More

Brussels tries to take more control over non-EU banks

In new rules for global banks who do financial business in Europe, Brussels tries to undermine future financial crises within the bloc and even gain more control over foreign financial firms.

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ChangeTip, One of Bitcoin’s Best Known Brands, Couldn’t Find a Buyer

ChangeTip, an internet app which has facilitated tips over the web via bitcoin for two years, wanted to make it worthwhile for internet users of all varieties to produce quality internet content. “We had a vision for a company that would allow people to spread appreciation on the web for things they enjoyed,” says ChangeTip CEO Nick Sullivan. Now, the experiment is over, and at the end of November ChangeTip will have processed its last bitcoin tip. One of the most recognizable brands in Bitcoin couldn’t find a buyer.  Read More

Royal Mint Employee Steals £133,000 in Gold By Putting it Up His Rearend

Gold-Brit-Sov-Pre-1933What if the  Gold Sovereigns you were looking to buy had been up someone’s bum?

The Royal Mint has been known for beautiful gold and silver bullion products at the national mint level. Their Britannia is not so common in the US, but is in Europe and, of course, the United Kingdom.

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The Fear Index is Predicting A Hillary Clinton Election Victory

This week the VIX index closed higher than 20 for the first time since June right before Brexit. The S&P 500 fell nine consecutive days in a row through last Friday, the first time that’s happened since gold and silver broke records in the late seventies and early eighties.

Monday and Tuesday saw generally positive momentum into the markets. Bitcoin, too, has increased in price, much like it did ahead of Brexit.


Over the most recent nine sessions, VIX has increased each time.  Early in the day, VIX continued its rise on Tuesday up 6%, but it fell throughout the afternoon leading many analysts to suggest a Ms. Clinton presidential victory. As Wall Street Journal suggests, a Clinton victory could mean a long way to fall for the VIX index.


“Once the election is over, a lot of the uncertainty and fear will go away,” Rocky Fishman, equity derivatives strategist for Deutsche Bank, told WSJ. “People will have a well-defined result by Wednesday.”


The VIX would seem to be suggesting that there will be no Donald Trump presidency, but, rather, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be named the president-elect after a long and tough journey to the Presidency which saw the Democratic National Convention come under national scrutiny and Ms. Clinton’s use of internet servers drawing much scrutiny by U.S. law enforcement.

By noon Pacific Standard Time, the VIX had dropped more than 4% to 17.92. It dropped massively yesterday, ending the abovementioned nine day rally.

A Bitcoin volatility index, which most recently detected increased BTC volatility in July, in the wake of Brexit, has seen a steady climb in recent days, but the index is still far off its year-to-date highs.


Phil Jackson To Nas: The References Of The Game’s “Sauce”

In a dizzying array of namedropping and shoutouts, The Game presents the Internet with #hashtaggers’ dream on new track.

With the hook paying homage to Lil Wayne’s “Block is Hot” we noticed a shit ton of of the celebrity name dropping happening in The Game’s new song, “Sauce”? Did you catch them all? Read More

Vivian Kubrick: My Father Did Not “Fake The Moon Landings”

Sorry Anthony Kiedis, but it appears space was not made in a Hollywood basement.

Vivian Kubrick,an American born English filmmaker, has spoken out about accusations that her father – Stanley Kubrick – assisted the US government in faking the film landings.

She wrote in a statement posted on Twitter: “Surely (!?) an artist, such as my father, whose profound degree of artistic integrity is self-evident, whose political/social consciousness is manifestly present in nearly every film he made. Whose highly controversial subject matter literally put his life at risk, and yet he continued to make the film’s he made… don’t you think he’d be the very last person EVER to assist the US government in such a terrible betrayal of its people?!?” Read More

California Governor Signs Gun Control Proposals into Law to “Enhance Public Safety”

Gov. Jerry Brown signed six gun-control bills into California law on Friday. They encompass restrictions on semiautomatic rifles, as well as a requirement that ammunition purchasers go through background checks in order to “enhance public safety” in California.

Gun regulation advocates did not get everything they wanted, as the governor vetoed five other measures, like an expansion on the use of restraining orders to confiscate guns from individuals.

The Legislature approved on Thursday a dozen gun-control bills introduced in the aftermath of December’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, which left 14 dead. The tragic events in Orlando, having claimed 49 lives, helped push the bills through.

“My goal in signing these bills is to enhance public safety by tightening our existing laws in a responsible and focused manner, while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Brown stated in a signing message.

The California spokesperson for the The National Rifle Assn. Institute for Legislative Action, Amy Hunter, excused the governor of using tragedy for political momentum: “Gov. Jerry Brown today signed a draconian gun control package that turns California’s law-abiding gun owners into second-class citizens. The governor and Legislature exploited a terrorist attack to push these measures through even though the state’s already restrictive laws did nothing to stop the attack in San Bernardino.”

The bills, including a ban on sales of semiautomatic rifles with “bullet buttons”, which enable the swift taking out of a magazine and the reloading of the gun.

Brown is a gun owner. He hunted when he was younger. In 2013, he vetoed numerous gun control bills.

Brown said then: “I don’t believe that this bill’s blanket ban on semiautomatic rifles would reduce criminal activity or enhance public safety enough to warrant this infringement on gun owners’ rights.”

He was happy with Friday’s version, citing its better focus. Brown’s office evoked Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s expansive gun control measures which will appear on the November ballot in the state.

“The governor took swift action today and voters will have a chance to go even further in November, if they choose, with the lieutenant governor’s initiative,” remarked Evan Westrup, Brown’s spokesman.

Newsom sees the actions as a start. “Today’s steps in the right direction will grow into a giant leap forward for public safety if voters pass the Safety for All initiative to keep guns and ammo out of the wrong hands.”