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#5 Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman has analyzed the gold and silver markets, for twenty years. He is the founder of Crypto Gold Central, where he consults on cryptocurrency-related issues. He works with alt coin developers on how to market their projects. He has worked as a trader, analyst, and commentator. Learn more at

#4 Gus Demos

Gus Demos is an Executive at Perpetual Assets, a cryptocurrency and precious metals dealer based in the United States. The company specializes in Retirement Accounts; in particularly, through its LLC IRA retirement solution, which offers clients complete control over their Retirement Account. Our cryptocurrency trade desk offers clients. The company provides Metals Cards, which enable clients to hold physical Gold and Silver in an insured in a vault and use it at point of sales with a Visa Debit Card. Learn more at Perpetual Assets.

#3 Sean (SGT Report)

Sean has been the administer of SGT Report for more than a decade. The site aggregates content from across many alternative news websites. He highlights the importance of gold and silver in portfolios and is open-minded to cryptocurrency. Check out Sean at

#2 Tim Picciott

Tim Picciott takes inflation, deflation, sequence of return, market, interest rate, currency and long life expectancy into consideration while managing your money. There are many different challenges retiree’s must plan for. He works with Bitcoin and crypto early adopters, and understands the importance of gold and silver in a diversified portfolio. Learn more at The Liberty Advisor.

#1 David Morgan

David Morgan is the publisher of The Morgan Report and Editor of The Morgan Report News. He has authored three books and has spoken worldwide about silver bullion as an investment. “Since I learned the truth about banking – Bankers get to create something for nothing – ‘money’ and loan it to governments they (The Banks) have ultimate control. This is the primary fact of the world’s main misery.”

Check out The Morgan Report today.

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