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Posts published in “Politics”

Why There Are Empty Shelves, Worker Shortages, Port Shutdowns & Gas Prices Going Through The Roof

Dr. Walter Block, well-known Austrian economist, breaks down why we are seeing some of the economic problems we see today.  “Prices are not flexible,” he…

2020 Was A Revolution

2020 was a revolution. Here is what actually happened. The IMF-dubbed Great Lockdown saw fear taking the front seat and the social contract rewritten posthaste. …

Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plan Is The Great Reset

Joe Biden’s “build back better” plan is far different than Donald Trump’s “America First” platform. The so-called ‘Great Lockdown’ has devastated the global economy.  Biden accused Trump of “economic policies that rewarded wealth over work and corporations over working families.” He also claimed that black and Latinos, native Americans, immigrants and women were never “ welcomed as full participants in the economy.” These groups came out in droves for Trump during the election.