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Rap Legend, Coinbase Investor Nas’ Favorite Bitcoin Charity is

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Did you know that rapper Nas has his own domain on Well, he does (, and the rapper, who has invested in the San Francisco-based Bitcoin exchange, features on this digital property the non-profit

Australian Man Withdrew $2.1 Million thanks to Bank Error and Wins Fraud Appeal

Luke Brett Moore withdrew $2.1 million over 50 transactions thanks to a system error. He spent the free money on exotic cars, a power boat, paintings, jewelry and a framed Michael Jordan jersey.

Last year, Mr. Moore was jailed, and convicted of fraud for deceiving his bank, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Bank of England Threw Nearly £100,000 Party after Brexit

The Bank of England spent nearly 100,000 on a Governors’ Day Jolly on July 10, but two weeks in the wake of the historic Brexit vote. The lavish party took place at the sports grounds in Roehampton, south west London.

The £99,035 party, paid for by taxpayers ,comes at a time when savers have little to expect from their accounts and Carney is accused of exaggerating the danger of Brexit to increase Remain votes during the referendum campaign. The Party went down mere weeks after the stressful Brexit vote.The British exit from the European Union commanded global headlines and had a big affect on global markets. It seems governor Mark Carney, along with 2,500 Bank staff, policy makers and guests had a party.

DNA Nanowires Coated with Gold Might Allow Bio-Computers

Can computers be made of cells? That’s what scientists in Germany (Bezu Teschome and Artur Erbe of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) look to discover with work published in the journal Langmuir.

The want to know if their way of coating DNA-based nanowires in gold can conduct electricity. The proof-of-concept wires might allow DNA circuits and genetic computers to self-assemble through molecule growth.

“The main advantage here is the complexity you can create on the nanoscale with these circuits,” Erbe told Seeker.