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Is Palladium Going To $1,200?

[heading]Is Palladium Going To $1,200?[/heading]

Palladium has risen to its highest level since 2011 due in part to escalating tensions in Ukraine, in particular that the supply of palladium from Russia, the world’s biggest producer, will be restricted. In 1999-2000 palladium ran to $1,200. Could it be heading to its old high?

Politicians and banks are suggesting increased sanctions against Russia’s banking and finance system, worsening the situation and increasing the likelihood that supply will be cut off.

Palladium has increased 13 percent this year as the threat of disruption to Russian exports added to supply concerns amid a miners’ strike in South Africa, the second-biggest producer. The introduction last month of two-exchange traded products backed by the metal tried to temper the volatility. Read More

California Dreamin’: California’s Unemployed Getting Hungry After One Month Without Benefits

[heading]California Dreamin’: California’s Unemployed Getting Hungry After One Month Without Benefits[/heading]

“In a sluggish economy, never, ever f*** with another man’s livelihood.” – Guido, the “killer pimp” in the movie “Risky Business.”

“California Dreamin'” might come to mean hunger-induced hallucinations as 80,000 jobless Californians remain cut off from their unemployment benefits. The problem has been going on for one-month-and-a-half, but really escalated after September 1. Read More

Sunbathing in China: China’s Big Announcement And Its Staggering Implications for Silver Demand

[heading]Sunbathing in China: China’s Big Announcement And Its Staggering Implications for Silver Demand[/heading]

By: Justin

China’s most recent goals for a green energy future have BIG implications for the price of silver, and the markets just totally ignored it. China has raised its target for solar generating capacity to more than 35 gigawatts (GW) by 2015, a stunning increase of 67% above the prior target. Read More

The Ledger Oligarchy: Bitcoin’s NWO

[heading]The Ledger Oligarchy: Bitcoin’s NWO[/heading]

By: Justin

“Trout, incidentally, had written a book about a money tree. It had twenty-dollar bills for leaves. Its flowers were government bonds. Its fruit was diamonds. It attracted human beings who killed each other around the roots and made very good fertilizer.” Slaughterhouse 5, Kurt Vonnegut

It is the year 3030. Bitcoin is dominated by few hands: The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Carnegies, Warburg’s & Nakamoto, according to YouTube. Read More

NSA Targets Bitcoin

[heading]NSA Targets Bitcoin[/heading]
By: Justin

New revelations in NSA-leaked documents show that the US security agency has interest in spying on Bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies.

The revelations from Germany’s Der Spiegel implicate the US NSA in spying on banks and credit card transactions, oftentimes in violation of national laws and global regulations. According to internal NSA documents, the European SWIFT financial transcations has been tapped. Read More

Bitcoin & The Future of Employment

[heading]Bitcoin & The Future Of Employment[/heading]

The Internet has transformed prospects for employment. Whereas in the past starting a company was a monumental task carried out only by those with capital, today things are much difference. Read More

What America Learned From Tony Soprano

[heading]What America Learned From Tony Soprano[/heading]

In this age of NSA wiretapping, it is highly unlikely a family like Sopranos will ever exist, and considering how the public reacted to Edward Snowden, this is a fact that most Americans regret.  As one who respects his elders, I thought now would be a fitting time, in tribute to Jim Gandolfini, to take a step back and see what America has learned from Tony Soprano. Here are some of those lessons: Read More


Most Americans go through their lives thinking the Federal Reserve is just yet another governmental institution, no more interesting than the DMV or Post Office. Read More

If Bilderberg Controls The World, Then THIS Is What Will Be On Their Agenda

Bilderberg’s esoteric deal-makings have put them at the center of the debate about who, what, where, when and why in the New World Order. Since their first meeting in the Netherlands in 1954, their storied history has evolved to become a popular meme in Internet circles. Read More

The Intrinsic Value of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has gone parabolic in the Headlines.  Perhaps it is because of Bitcoins recent rise of over 200% percent since September of 2011. To be honest Bitcoin has not gotten the credit that it deserves. Among the Old Guard of the sound money champions, the biggest point of contention that they have with Bitcoin is that it has no “intrinsic value”. Read More

Peter Schiff On Gold, Silver & Bitcoin

GSBTC: Hello, who are you?

My name is Peter Schiff and I am in the investment business. Read More

Bitcoin: The Money of The Internet (Read: 21st Century)

Bitcoin: The Money of The Internet (Read: 21st Century)

Since Bitcoin arises out of the Internet, there is certain to be not only a generation gap in understanding, but also skeptics the world over who make good points about the monetary options’ legitimacy and viability. But, above and beyond the practical applications of Bitcoin, there is a moral aspect. Feuerabend, in his book Against Reason, wrote that, in scientific inquiry, “anything goes.” When it comes to undermining the dominant financial system and declaring our own independence from the historical rulers as a collective, GoldSilverBitcoin believes “anything goes.” Each individual will find his or her own comfort in using alternative currencies, and so they should only do so within their comfort.

Read More

Bitcoin Runs Laps Around Precious Metals, Nearly 40% Gains Since Feb. 1

The digital gold standard known as Bitcoin has shown impressive strength in the mist of the recent drop in all precious metals. Gold lost 40 dollars in a 24 hour period to close for the weekend at $1610.30. This loss reflects a 2.4% drop. Silver had a more significant drop falling from $31.00 to close at $29.80 dollars an ounce. This reflects a 3.4% drop in the common man’s gold. These drops have occurred
despite, as Harvey Organ reports, the gold demand for the quarter was 6% higher year-on-year at $66.2bn marking the highest ever Q4 total and driving annual demand in 2012 to a record value of US$236.4bn. Read More

Why Bitcoin? Why Now, In The Age of Precious Metals??

For those long time purchasers of precious metals, understanding what is fundamentally money and the difference between it and currency,  is easy. Why precious metals have been money throughout history is logical to all those that are willing to pull themselves out of the false paradigm of legal tender fiat currency printed by central banks at the interest of private holders. After all, there are no laws that need to be passed that require gold and silver to be taken as payment for goods and services, as the qualities of precious metals easily avail themselves to people that would accept them as payment. Their luster is desirable to all peoples throughout the world regardless of culture, education, or any other demographic that one can find. Precious metals are of course “precious” meaning that they are limited in their availability and the enormous time and resources required  in order for one to be able to attain these metals. Bitcoin too is money because it contains all the aspects of money that precious metals do, just in the novel, complex and beautiful digital world of the present day. Read More

Gold Silver Bitcoin: It’s Your Choice

Gold Silver Bitcoin welcomes you to our inaugural blog post. We are now open, serving the public with the precious metals and bitcoin products listed at our website. We come from five years of experience in the bullion industry, with connections to the largest distributors, and an inclination in favor of the digital technology bitcoin. That is why we believe “it’s your choice,” and have begun Gold Silver Bitcoin to make that choice all the easier.

We remember when we were working in the California industry in 2011 as the fiscal cliff approached. Silver had finished its monumental run-up to $50, and we were exhausted from long days under the office lights and 50 pound monster boxes. The whole world was on edge as the US approached the cliff, and gold had begun its run towards $2,000. People were now moving into that market en masse. For the first time more ounces of gold seemed to be flying out the doors than silver. Read More