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Posts published in “World”

World Bank: Indirect Consequences of the Pandemic May Permanently Weaken Countries’ Human Capital

The World Bank released last week its report “Human Capital Index 2020 Update.” It notes how certain countries, namely South Korea and Iceland, “successfully implemented” contract tracing strategies early on in 2020, while most countries employed lockdowns and movement restrictions. 

Spanish Government Limits Cash Withdrawals to €1,000

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The Spanish Government acted today to cap cash payments at €1,000, down from the current cap of  €2,500. Anti-fraud measures enacted today include a VAT information and increased regulation of deferred payments.

The government is working on measures against fraud, including limiting the payment in cash to 1,000 euros instead of the current 2,500. The decree is set to be approved by the Council of Ministers next Friday. The Ministry of Finance admits  it could be delayed.