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Check Out President Trump’s 24k Vodka

Trump’s 24k vodka might now be defunct, but its demonstrative of the President’s love for the yellow metal, and a big reason why the goldbug community supported the businessman for President. The vodka bottle even looks like a gold brick.

Donald Trump predicted back in 2006 it’d be America’s favorite vodka.

“Trump promised that his vodka was going to be huge in the American market, Russia House’s general manager tells VICE Munchies.

From the mid-to-late 2000s, there were lots of different celebrity vodkas, like Sean Combs’ Ciroc vodka and Dan Aykroyd’s famous Crystal Head.


Trump calls the vodka a big success.

“Everything we’ve touched has been a big success,” Trump said at a separate vodka launch party in New York in 2008. “We launched a vodka that became tremendously successful. My book just went to number one and we think the vodka, likewise, will be number one. It’s been one of the most successful launches ever in the history of this business.”

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