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China’s Foreign Minister Signals Closer Russia Ties, Condemns U.S. “Unilateral Bullying”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi defended his country’s position on Sunday as being non-partisan on Ukraine’s war, and indicated that China will deepen its relations with Russia over the next few years. 

Wang said his country would work to get relations with the United States back on track, saying that they had fallen off the rails because of the United States steadfast commitment to treating China as a key rival and engaging in overt blocking, repression, and provocations against China. Wang said his country would deepen strategic trust and mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken Meets With Wang Yi. Courtesy of State Department.

“With regard to the Ukraine crisis, we have consistently upheld the fundamental principles of objectivity and impartiality, without favoring one side or the other, or adding fuel to the fire, still less seeking selfish gains from the situation,” Wang said, according to an official text of his remarks.

Wang accused the United States of “unilateral bullying” and said China would continue to play a constructive role in solving the Ukrainian crisis on its own terms, according to a statement from China’s foreign ministry.

His country has been pushing back against Western pressure over trade, technology, human rights, and its claims over large areas of the Western Pacific, accusing the United States of bullying. Even though China has found common cause with Russia when both countries came under Western pressure, its economic future remains tied to American and European markets and technologies.

Cover image: Kremlin

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