Bitcoin Leader Coinbase Makes Key Upgrades To Platform

Bitcoin Leader Coinbase Makes Key Upgrades To Platform

Coinbase announced changes to its Merchant Tools, such as partial refunds. Coinbase Merchant Tools currently boasts 43,000 merchants. The company has asked its top merchants and customer support teams how to improve the Coinbase Merchant experience.  The company also now uses Insight as its BlockExplorer.

“With more reliable transaction confirmations, we’re improving the experience for merchants, their customers, and Coinbase support,” the company wrote in its blog.

The company has determined overpayments a problematic aspect of Bitcoin. “Mispayments has been our number one requested merchant feature for some time.”

The Bitcoin wallet and exchange added:”Our legacy system…made it a little too easy to create a mispayment.”

To solve the problem, Coinbase has introduced “Overpayments.” The company explained: “In our legacy system, we frequently saw customers accidentally overpaying for their order, whether due to transaction ‘miner’ fees being unnecessarily added, or due to errant keystrokes.” In addition, refunds for overpayments have been made easier.Coinbase, one of the original well-funded Bitcoin companies and based in San Francisco, has been a stalwart for the volatile Bitcoin space. The company maintains a regular blog, as well as openly shares usage statistics in the industry. Its Shift Payment debit card, furthermore, has been a certain boon in promoting Bitcoin adoption.Learn more about Coinbase here.

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