Convicted Silk Road Founder, Ross Ulbricht, Predicts $100,000 Bitcoin In 2020 & An Interview with His Mother Lyn

Convicted Silk Road Founder, Ross Ulbricht, Predicts $100,000 Bitcoin In 2020 & An Interview with His Mother Lyn

Ross Ulbricht, founder of infamous dark web, predicts a $100,000 bitcoin price in 2020. Ulbricht is currently serving two life sentences plus 40 years without the possibility of parole after being found guilty on charges of money laundering, computer hacking, conspiray to traffic fraudulent documents, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics.

Ulbricht, citing the Elliott Wave Theory, believes Bitocin’s future price could become more predictable, suggesting that the $20,000 top in 2017 was the third wave and that the upcoming fifth wave will drive the price to $100,000.

“If the $20,000 peak is the end of wave three, then the correction pattern we are in (or just came out of) is wave four, and we can expect wave five to take us to new all-time highs,” he wrote.

The post appears on his Medium account.

“The Elliot Wave Theory is a concept that describes how prices change over time in speculative markets,” writes Ulbricht. “It combines mass psychology and an area of math called fractal geometry. For those of you afraid of numbers, don’t worry; we won’t be doing anything beyond counting and basic arithmetic. It’s worth taking a moment to understand because it provides an excellent framework with which to understand Bitcoin’s price history up to today and where it may be going next.”

He adds: “Fractal patterns often emerge from chaotic systems, and speculative markets — such as Bitcoin — are nothing if not chaotic.”

Ulbricht’s mother, Lyn, answered some questions by Gold Silver Bitcoin about her son’s recent move to a Phoenix prison.

What is surprising, ironic, controversial and novel about Ross’ latest move to Phoenix?

Ross was moved for his safety when he refused to participate in an assault on another inmate. This made him a target, but he wasn’t willing to inflict violence. (You can find a comment from him about this at twitter @realrossu). Instead, he checked into protective custody, which meant he stayed in a metal box (small cell with no windows, solid walls) for 3 1/2 months. Thankfully he was finally moved to another prison, where he is now.

Were you aware of the move?

I was hoping for it, because if he were returned to the same population his life was in danger. At one point we thought this might occur, but thankfully it didn’t.

How does this differ from previous moves?

Previously he was moved from a transitional facility to a USP, but that is routine. This was a special case.

I know you moved to Colorado to be closer to Ross. Does this mean you’ll have to move again? I don’t have to, but I will. I think it is essential for him to have a lifeline to his family and others outside the prison. So many in there are forgotten or rejected. It is terrible.

Any other comments on Ross’ move?

He has told me he’s doing ok.

Any recent news/updates on Ross?

We’ve passed 126,000 signatures to free ross and it is growing every day. My goal is 500,000. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but it is a great show of support and hopefully will get the president’s attention. Anyone who is against the kind of sentence that Ross, a non-violent, first time offender, received should sign this. It sets a terrible precedent of continuing the excessive sentencing that has been occurring since the drug war. Ross has much to contribute and is a danger to no one. Keeping him in a cage at great tax payer expense is terrible.

You can find the petition here.

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