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Dave Mirra’s 24K Gold Bike Auctioned for $50,000

Dave Mirra’s 24-karat bike – which he rode in the X Games – was for sale on eBay for $50,000 but did not sell. It’s likely still available. It’s for sale by the guy who bought it from Dave Mirra. 

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“This is a bike that I bought directly from Dave Mirra after doing a polishing restoration article on it in BMX Plus Magazine years ago,” reads the ad. “I have owned this bike for years. The bike is real 24 carat gold plated for him by Haro for the X Gamrs. After almost a year went by as I was restoring his Dyno Slammer. I asked him why he never wanted the bike back he said he would pick it up in a few months and it wasn’t really one of his favorites since he crashed on it in his first run in X Games at Staples Center in Los Angeles where he couldn’t even make his second run. On that note I asked if he would ever consider and selling it and he said of course I would sell it to nobody but you Mark and we made a deal and that’s how it went down that I made payments over several months to him.


The ad continues: “It made him happy to see me bring it all over to shows and have everybody ride it and send Dave the fun pictures and that’s what really made him happy seeing his friends and fans on it. This bought to the continuation of this bike touring with me and his life for him through what I did with it… Now I can no longer do that with him gone. It’s a sad thing to look at on a daily basis chained with a 20 ton chain.”

Mirra believes “it’s time for me to let this prize of a bike or Holy Grail go to a good home, collector or a museum of some sort for the world to display.”

The bike has been unaltered. “When I originally got this from him it did have pitted surface rust on the bottom and the rear hoop wheel which was change sometime in the X Games contest and the tear in the seat was also there no it has damaged change this bike in any manner shape or form besides what are your sins gold-plated Hutch trickstar this is the Holy Grail and truly missed.. I am doing the right thing I don’t need any negative publicity or feedback this is my property and I’ll do as I please with it if it brings over x amount of dollars I would like to select a possible place to leave some funds that will help. THIS IS A PICK UP ONLY SALE WITH CASH.”

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