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Defund The Police!?

Protesting police brutality is a legitimate cause. But, we all must be cognizant of the fact that we are being played off each other via machiavellian tactics. The stay-at-home protests had one goal: lift the the experimental, unprecedented lockdown that would destroy small businesses, potentially the economy, and thus poor people the most. Those who would survive that storm are those with money.

“Defunding the police” is a purposely vague solution. Here are some better ideas: Lift IQ maximums (courts have upheld this), Institute IQ minimums. Audit police training (probably entails demilitarization, but I think they might need better officer safety training as a means of avoiding the need to use force). Let’s talk demilitarization altogether, too. “defunding” is an elementary solution.

How about less emphasis on military tactics in training, and more on serving the public (they are public servants and are supposed to work for us). Fewer military toys like LRADs, too. (Long Range Acoustic Devices). The knee tactic used on George Floyd was police policy there in Minneapolis. Police I’ve spoken to were unfamiliar with such a tactic. Police chiefs ultimately report to mayor and city officials. These problems go beyond the police. Let’s put pressure on our mayors and politicians to reform departments. Vote in only those who respond.

Violent and property crimes exist and aren’t going away. A global surveillance panopticon was set up for a purpose. HR 6666 (lays out plans for what has been termed an “army” of contact tracers possibly with authority to remove people from their homes (it has been said by public health officials, including the WHO). It’s called the TRACE Act: Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone. I have my concerns about that $100 billion in 2020 expenditures. We’ve already had the national guard on the streets this past week. Medical police and militarization of the streets are more representative of the trends we’ve seen in this nation since World War II than getting some happy-go-lucky 311 police.

I don’t meant to continue with my “toxic, “full of [expletive]” and “schizophrenic” thoughts, as they’ve been called, but the movement to “defund the police” has plenty of abolitionists in it. Everyone has their own interpretation of what it means, and that is by design. There are movements to abolish the police led by city council members and they fail to outline a plan. Residents worried about what might happen, they say, are simply “privileged.”

1. Defund the police


3. Peace on the streets

The plan…

“Defund” the police is a vague slogan so that everyone has their own opinion as to what it means so the special interests exploit the confusion for their own agenda. Now, let’s kick this into high gear.

I think in terms of history. During the February Revolution in Russia in 1917, the police were the ones who held off rioters. And then the socialist revolutionaries killed many of the old police and replaced them with sovietized police. Here we have riots (in which Democratic Socialists mindlessly Chant: “No borders, no wall, no USA at all”)  and calls to abolish the police and calls for an “army” of contract tracers. The Army has been on the streets. History rhymes.

As a police friend of mine says, “Do you want the 82nd Airborne as your primary patrol agency? Because this is how you get the 82nd Airborne as your primary patrol agency.” 

Many police have been killed over the last week of protests so as to avenge the death of George Floyd. More will die, too. Probably black ones by the looks of how the protestors treat police of all race, gender, and creeds. People call for “defund” the police, but then they backtrack and say they mean “reform” the police. There’s not been a serious effort to reform the police in my lifetime that I recall off the top of my head. Here are some ideas: 

My slogan: “Reform The Police!” 

I am open for suggestions as to what the people chant in the street.  

  • Demilitarize police and training. More training.
  • Local officers police their own communities.
  • Audit engagement protocols  (change the use of force policy)
  • End qualified immunity but don’t suspend the officer’ bill of rights
  • End civil asset forfeiture
  • End the war on drugs (go after traffickers who often traffic humans and guns, too)
  • Get rid of the thousands of pages of laws that have been written in a bipartisan effort to maneuver around the US Constitution and designed to subvert it  and bill of right
  • End no-knock warrants
  • End mandatory minimums
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