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Department Of Defense Seeks UFO Answers In NDAA

A Department of Defense report funded by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) seeks answers to whether or not aliens landed on Earth in 1945. The bill could be a game changer for studying unidentified phenomena.

The bill, prompted a flurry of activity from Harvard University’s astronomy department headed by theoretical astrophysicist Avi Loeb as part of his Galileo Project, was announced as a private initiative earlier this year. Loeb is a prior guest on The GoldSilverBitcoin Show.

Loeb believes that many contradictions have been found in reports of UFO sightings, and that it is time to investigate them further.    

The Bill seeks to explore new ideas that suggest aliens may have landed on Earth in 1945. 

The bill will allocate funding to create a much anticipated report that will highlight primary source documents from American history related to UFO sightings. 

U.S. fighter pilots reported strange objects in the sky as early as 1945, which leaked and indicated that the US government was already aware of this phenomenon by then. 

These primary source documents, along with first person accounts and video, highlight pivotal moments in the history of government investigations into UFOs. 

Following the release of its own publication on UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), the Department of Defense is now seeking to show encounters were more common than thought before by studying these documented files.    

The potential threats posed by strange objects in the sky, as well as the technology associated with them, present visions of both destructive power and progressive potential. 

It is possible that these UFO sightings may have become a reality when atomic bombs were tested at the same time, creating a raw material from which foreign powers could benefit. 

Hollywood has long been fascinated by UFOs, but evaluating the validity of such claims has been difficult until now.   

The Secretary of Homeland Security must review any application for knowledge about incidences, etc. 

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