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DeSantis Moves To Create Grand Jury On Covid-19 Vaccines

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is today announcing that he is filing a petition to the State Supreme Court asking for the appointment of a state-wide grand jury to look into all wrongdoing by the State of Florida regarding the mRNA Covid vaccine, Florida’s governor said at a Tuesday Roundtable.

The potential 2024 Presidential hopeful said he is going to petition the state Supreme Court to investigate what he describes as “wrongdoings” in Florida with respect to COVID vaccines, adding that he is expecting approval to empanel one, probably in the Tampa Bay area. 

The governor also said that he is asking for a state-wide grand jury investigation of alleged crimes and misdeeds related to the coronavirus vaccine.

Hoping to finally capture this dragon by promising an investigation of potentially criminal conduct related to Florida’s deadly vaccine push, DeSantis said he is asking Florida’s highest court to convene a grand jury investigating manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines. 

On Tuesday, he promised to investigate the individuals and entities who committed wrongdoing related to the COVID-19 vaccines, announcing that he plans to petition the Florida Supreme Court to appoint a grand jury across the state.

In asking its state Supreme Court, Ron DeSantis is asking for the empanelment of a

grand jury to investigate a wide range of entities involved with developing, distributing and marketing the Covid-19 vaccine, including drug manufacturers and their executives, and physician associations.

DeSantis plans to petition his states Supreme Court to appoint a grand jury to investigate how Covid vaccines were distributed and sold, and says a new Public Health Commission would be headed by Joseph Ladapo, the Florida surgeon general, who has recommended that children not receive the COVID vaccine, and questions whether the vaccine is effective in any population other than elderly people. 

The governor has spoken out often against the CDCs guidelines, including mask and vaccine mandates, and has filed suit to block several of them from taking effect in Florida.

Florida and DeSantis has developed a national reputation for fighting Covid-related mandates, like vaccine requirements or schools ordering students to wear masks. 

The governor also announced Florida is creating a Public Health Integrity Commission, a

possible replacement to the politicized Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

DeSantis announced Tuesday he is creating a new state commission to oppose the policies recommended by federal health agencies, a decision that health care experts said would further politicize medicine in the Sunshine State.

At the roundtable discussion with Ladapo and a group of scientists and doctors, some discussions focused on whether drug companies had failed to turn over data about the COVID-19 vaccine to independent researchers. 

Photo: Office of Ron DeSantis

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