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Donald Trump & Japanese Blockchain Researcher SoftBank Reach Deal on $50 Billion US Investment & 50,000 Jobs

Donald J Trump tweeted Tuesday that SoftBank of Japan agreed to invest $50 billion in the US towards businesses and 50,000 new jobs. The tweet comes on the even of Pearl Harbor, a scar on the memory of both nations. In announcing the deal, Mr. Trump makes good on a campaign promise to improve international relations. 


SoftBank, the 62nd largest company in the world, holds shares in Alibaba Group (37%), Sprint Corporation (80%), and Yahoo! Japan (35%).

“Masa (SoftBank) of Japan has agreed to invest $50 billion in the U.S toward businesses and 50,000 new jobs,” Trump tweeted. He is referring to SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, and so on a first name basis.  

He added: “He would never do this had we (Trump) not won the election.” 

SoftBank announced in January 2016 a decentralized fundraising platform, reported NewsBTC.

SoftBank is a Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation, with operations in broadband, e-commerce, Internet,technology services, and other businesses.

The telecommunications behemoth co-launched a decentralized blockchain development contest for entrepreneurs with Topcoder, which hosts crowdsourced computer programming competitions.

SoftBank’s interest in a blockchain-based distributed ledger extends to this day, with the ongoing SoftBank “Blockchain” Based Donation Service Responsive Website Design Challenge for which there are currently 53 registrants.

Japan and the US have both been very active hot spots for Bitcoin. In Japan, CEO of Mt. Gox, the beleagured Bitcoin exchange, ran what turned into be a major bankruptcy of bitcoin’s main trading hub. The US is responsible for most the trading, and modern day Bitcoin exchange leader, Coinbase. 

Mr Trump made headlines when he hired technologist Peter Thiel, who has overseen investments into the Bitcoin space, to be part of his transition team.  Last week, he outlined how there would be a tax on businesses who produced oversees to ship back to the US. 

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