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El Salvador Launches Education Program To Train Elite Bitcoin Developers

El Salvador’s Bitcoin office has announced a new 6-month education program called CUBO+, which is designed to create elite-level bitcoin and Lighting developers via the Salvadoran university system. 

According to the office, starting May, the program will include a relatively small cohort, fewer than 25, whittled from a selection of some of El Salvador’s most brilliant students. The first cohort will come from students of Don Bosco University, who will be competing to win an initial fellowship in Plan B, funded by Tether and Fulgur Ventures.

The project is the outcome of a recent announcement between El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland, to establish the world’s first Bitcoin Embassy in the Swiss city. 

The project will be led and taught by brilliant Bitcoin minds, which will be announced shortly. Classes will cover topics from high-level Bitcoin-specific technical developments, to distributed technologies like Holepunch, Nostr, and Web5.

The program is to be bankrolled with private funding, and all students that are eligible for a “Plan B” fellowship will be provided with an allowance that allows them to pay the course costs.

The first two months of the program will be online, followed by two weeks in-person training, with intensive, full-day courses located in San Salvador. The remaining months will involve online close mentoring by the best names in Bitcoin. The information shared with Bitcoin Magazine describes how this program will be the basis on which others may draw, becoming the open-source standard of Bitcoin education.

Education experts are involved in designing the curriculum, which promises to establish a standard that other countries can emulate. Students completing the course will be presented with a variety of options for continuing on in their bitcoin journey, including an opportunity to land a full-time job with well-known bitcoin companies. Otherwise, there will be opportunities to start businesses and pursue further education.

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