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EU: Let Them Eat Insects

Brussels is moving to permit its member states to serve insects and worms as human food. The European Union’s Food Safety Authority will allow mealworms, locusts, and adult crickets for humans to eat. 

Burgers, granola, and even pasta can be made out of such bugs. Eating insects is common across areas of South America, Africa and Asia. “We believe that insects for food is one solution for some of the biggest challenges we are facing on the planet,” Christopher Derrien, the secretary general of the industry organization International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed told The Guardian. “In the context of scarce resources, and insect production is not too demanding, you have the capacity to produce high-quality protein. That is a very promising solution.”

Kristen Dunlop, the head of European Institute of Innovation and Technology Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community, believes insects could even join quinoa and kale as a new superfood. 

“We need protein and we need to continue to eat it,” she told an audience in Amsterdam last year. “And we need to be able to support an exponentially growing population. But, we must do so in a way that stops destroying species around us. We know that insect protein is very good protein and it’s also cultivatable in a way that has significantly less carbon environment impact than cultivating millions of cattle, sheep and pigs.”

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